New On Ramp Starts May 3rd

Here’s a reminder to tell your friends or to sign up for our next on-ramp class on May 3rd at 6PM.

This class will introduce you, no matter what your athletic ability, to CrossFit. We’re starting our fifth 12 session On-Ramp class on Monday, May 3rd at 6PM. Future classes are Wednesdays and Mondays at 6PM and Saturdays at 11AM.

We’ll emphasize new skills and put you through small, but challenging workouts. It’s boring to go sit on a machine for 30 minutes. We do the movements your body is made to do. Ever struggle lifting your kid, carrying a bag of dogfood or just feeling crappy sitting all day? We can fix that.

Click here for the facebook page.  Please contact us to reserve your spot.

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