Charity Workout to Benefit The Haven in Memory of Matt King

We’re inviting our community to participate in a memorial workout in memory of Matt King on Saturday. Matt was tragically killed while riding his bike back to UVa after volunteering at the Haven.

Anyone can come, no matter their athletic ability. You don’t need to be a member of our gym or have any experience to participate.

The Workout

You will spend 60 Seconds at each of the five stations in Fight Gone Bad style. There will be a total of three rounds with a one minute break between rounds.  You will count the total number of reps at each station and your score will be the total of all three rounds. There will be no scaling outside of these levels.

Hardcore Level (experienced CrossFitters only)

  • Sandbag Cleans (52# Men/37# Women)
  • Pullups
  • Box Jumps (24″ / 18″)
  • Pushups (no switching to knees)
  • Double Unders (3 double unders = 1 point)

Intermediate Level

  • Sandbag Cleans (52# Men/20# Medicine Ball)
  • Ring Rows
  • Box Jumps (18″ / 12″ + 20kg Plate)
  • Pushups (knees on the ground, hands must come off ground)
  • Double Unders (3 double unders = 1 point)

Beginner Level

  • Medicine Ball Deadlifts (20# Men / 14# Women)
  • Ring Rows
  • Box Step Ups (18″ / 12″)
  • Pushups (knees on ground, hands must come off ground at bottom)
  • Single Unders (3 Jumps = 1Point)


Workouts will start on the half-hour at 10AM, 10:30AM, 11AM and 11:30AM on Saturday. Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign up for a slot.

About The Haven

The Haven at First & Market is a dynamic, multi-purpose community space that features resources for the hungry, disadvantaged and homeless. It enhances our community by providing a centralized space for resource providers, a community kitchen, a day haven, and a cultural and arts space in downtown Charlottesville.

About Matt

Matt had been a member of our gym since January and was considered a big part of our family. Matt battled every single workout like a champion. I’ve never seen anyone push so hard and achieve so much in such a little time. I’m sure things were the same outside the gym. Matt will be greatly missed in our gym. When I think about Matt, his flying red hair, his awesome grunting and his “I’m going to give this workout everything I’ve got” attitude come to mind. Matt, our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Thank you for sharing your love of life with us and showing us how to be the best we can, no matter where we are.

More about Matt:

Make your donation online. Cash and checks will be accepted at the event.  Make checks payabe to “TJACH

RSVP for the event on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Charity Workout to Benefit The Haven in Memory of Matt King

  1. Kyle, if we do the intermediate level can we scale up? Or is it no scaling either way?

    1. no scaling in between levels at this point. I am not sure how many people will come out and we need to be organized.

  2. Are the pushups clapping pushups? What does it mean by “hands must come off of ground” in the intermediate?

    1. no cheating, hog pushups

  3. Sweet I convinced my roommate Ken to battle this with me at 10am. He has an interest in joining one day so come say “HI” to him.

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