20 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Run to Top of Bridge Near Wild Wings on Main Street (~5K)

  1. and back, I presume.

    1. or stop and eat lots of jalapeno cheddar wings?

  2. whoa piking! So is the goal tomorrow to do this for time or just to do this at all?

  3. 24:09.
    That was the farthest I’ve ever run. Ever.

  4. Did you know the light at Ridge St. takes about a minute? Both times I had to wait, yeah, about a minute.

    31:30 — took Water St. there and then on the way back to Ridge to Market St. which added .2 miles and a lot more hills.

    Last time I ran this far was Thanksgiving, and though my time was better (28.5 minutes) the route was flat (Rivanna River Trail) and at the end I was DONE. This time, the route was riddled with hills and at the end I was ready to run more and couldn’t believe I wasn’t winded at all. I consider that a win. Kind of makes me want to run this again on the Rivanna Trail (flat) to see how much of a difference the hills make. Any takers?

    1. Ooh I’ll take you up on that! I like flat runs. try the Monticello trail 🙂

      1. oooh and you could pace me, too! I am not familiar with the Monticello Trail!

      2. its pretty much straight up hill for 2.4 miles, but then you get to run back! 🙂

      3. I might be daring enough to try it.

  5. 39:54 – they almost sent out a search party. but i didn’t stop running once…that’s an accomplishment, right??

  6. 24:22
    ran this on my own using mapmyrun.com for my route

  7. 35:16 or something like that. They call me…the Tortoise.

  8. Ran a 5K in Atlanta…
    23 minutes finish time
    Makes you want to run faster with 1,500 people around you, but hard to pass!

  9. 20:11 from gym to stairs on bridge and back along Water St. Google map said 4.6k.

  10. Emily Anderson May 10, 2010 — 8:13 am


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