20 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: “Suck Fest”

  1. Landon’s Moment of Zen

  2. 29:36, 15# (started at 9 instead of 11)

  3. 21:23 Rx

    1. Rockstar!!!

      1. Totally! You, Lindsay and Hillary are the awesomest! And Katie and Cat attempting 20#… Damn!!!

  4. 20:01 RX

    Had trouble counting… thanks Elizabeth for keeping me on track!! 🙂

    1. Um yeah I was worried in the second round that you were thinking you had to do the man-makers (er, woman-makers?) 11 times each round!

  5. 16:06 20# starting at 9..

  6. 4th wod for Gretchen’s regional competition this weekend. As ope said “I hope Kyle and Gretchen learned something”
    50 Box jumps
    40 KB swings @ 53#
    30 Burpees jumping over sandbag between each
    20 42# Sandbag cleans then front squat SB
    10 Push Press dbell @ 55#s each ( rx was 65# each) then….
    20 42# Sandbag cleans then front squat SB
    30 Burpees jumping over Sandbag between each
    40 KB swings @ 53#
    50 Box Jumps

  7. 19:55

    Disappointed that this was only 8 seconds faster than before … but I have a vague memory of thinking I skipped 6 and did 3 twice that time. So, either I’ve improved in my counting or I haven’t changed at all in fitness. I hope the former?

  8. 28:17: 15# sub knee push ups

    I was lost track of counting and didn’t know if I was on 6 or 7. So in hindsight I think I might have skipped 7. 🙁

  9. 12:45: 20#, 8!

  10. Joelle Boissenin May 5, 2010 — 8:57 pm

    26:06 12#

    I see a serious case of DOMS in my future.

  11. 26:41 @ 25#

    I did the round of 11 with 30# dumbbells, but that wasn’t gonna happen. Good luck this weekend Gretchen! Have fun out there in Columbus!

  12. great job today everyone. that was a tough one! Lindsay and Hillary CRUUUSHED IT!

  13. 39:16 RX

    Doozy. Hallucinated visions of pina coladas after… Sweet.

  14. 27:15 Rx. What a suck fest! Eric, you rocked for seeing that one through to the end. Well done, sir.

    Dave J. had the idea of starting out with 11 pennies lined up on the mat in front of us, then throwing one in a bucket after each round so that those of us (umm, me) who can’t count can keep track of our rounds!

  15. 31:13 started w/15# on the first round, then dropped to 10# for the remaining majority of the suck fest. I had belly sweat after this one…

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