Support Your Favorite Aimatron!

Aimatron is participating in this year’s Relay for Life by raising money and walking during the event, but she’d like to make things a little more interesting and show off some of her CrossFit skills. Will it be burpees around the track? Sandbag laps? Tearing off her shirt in a fit of CrossFit abtastic glory? You’ll have to come and find out!

Meet at Beer Run at 2pm on Saturday, May 22. We’ll hydrate and then caravan to Monticello High School to walk, burpee, skip, whatever around the track a few times.

If you’d like to donate to or join Aimatron’s team, visit her page on the American Cancer Society website.

8 thoughts on “Support Your Favorite Aimatron!

  1. I will donate $10 per lap (maximum $100) if you carry a 52# sandbag around the track with each lap being unbroken.

  2. i’m in for $10 per lap that she carries her cat without dropping it

  3. this is getting good!

  4. i’ll donate $10 if she carries ME around the track!

  5. Tiara & Sash. Price per lap is negotiable.

  6. Eric is going to have to hold the sandbag and the cat (careful, she scratches!) while I carry him.

    Dave – will you be providing the tiara and sash?

    1. There’s already a tiara at the gym. The sash will have to be customized:) I’m open to suggestions as far as embroidery and/or stickers and patches.

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