23 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Front Squats, Running & Situps

  1. no Cat holds as part of the WOD?

  2. 19:21 Rx
    (there is actually a 3rd 800m run at the end of this WOD. At least, there is the way it’s written on the white board at the gym, and that’s the way we did it this morning)

    1. Yes there is a 3rd 800. THanks for clearing that up Elizabeth
      15:32 using Back Squats instead

  3. 19:08 67# Frankenstein FS

  4. What will be the thunderstorm alternative to run? I just got my hair did.

  5. 16:11 backsquats and slightly higher rep count.

    1. well damn you and Landon just knocked it way out of the park, didn’t you!

  6. WOD: 20:50 55# and 800/400/400

    REALLY need to work on those front squats (crap range of motion)…well need to work on sit ups too…hmmm-and running. Yep-all of it.

  7. 15:17, 94 lb FS. Should have gone heavier.

  8. 16:20, 77# FS

  9. 15:40 (105#)

  10. 17:37 rx with 800m row

  11. 55#s, 20:42

  12. 15:18, 67#(PR)

  13. 15:18 RX – I was one literal foot ahead of Lindsay. She makes a good rabbit.

    1. Lindsay has been creeping up there with her scores. Soon she’ll have a 3 minute Fran 🙂

  14. 21:54 @ 111#

  15. 15:12 (45#)

    1. And I definitely should have gone heavier… oops

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