Dude’s Guide to Summer in Charlottesville Photo Shoot

We’re inviting all gym dudes and Charlottesville CrossFitters to participate in a photo shoot that could make you famous.

We’re tentatively going to meet at 5:30PM sharp on Monday at the gym. Girls are allowed to watch, but we’re doing a summer shot of CrossFit peeps for an article in the Hook.

We’ve played around with a few ideas for the shot from general workout stuff to guerilla workout (http://vimeo.com/11659270) to just a hot tub shot over the mall.

Please let me know if you can make it or have any ideas. We’re also thinking around lunch time on Monday.


Please RSVP, we need as many dudes as we can get.

6 thoughts on “Dude’s Guide to Summer in Charlottesville Photo Shoot

  1. To be clear, the goal is to get a bunch of guys together and semi-naked for a photo shoot, yes?

    1. if you guys want to go semi-naked we can do it.

      1. Don’t act like the implication wasn’t there in the initial post!

        In any case, I fly back to Cville @ 3:30 on Monday, so I can’t do anything before the 5:30 time.

  2. 5:30 time would work better for me

  3. I’ll tentatively commit, but I want to know details first.

  4. count me in!

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