22 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Griff

  1. aaahh, make it stop. i need a day off, but you keep posting WODs that suck which makes me want to come in.

    1. so take Sunday off 😀

  2. 14.44rx

    I’ll miss you guys! I leave for Dublin June 5th and until then you are welcome to come stay at my house in virginia beach if you need a vacay 🙂

  3. This looks awesome, I think I’ll try and make it in.

    Is there any penalty for falling on your butt? Because I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

  4. Convinced some friends to do this on a beach some time ago.
    We were given some strange looks 🙂

  5. 14:55 Rx @ Lannigan Field

    1. not the Mama!!!

      1. Is this a Dinosaurs reference or am I really that old? Both??


      2. you are correct. It is supposedly Justin’s new avatar. At least, I can see it on the right hand side of the site.

  6. 9:55 Rx
    Also thruster 5-5-5 @ 111#

  7. 14:16

    that was terrible, as was my performance on the ladder-ball game

  8. 17:something

    Yay Dinosaurs

  9. 13:56 Rx
    and I’m going to claim complete and utter domination on the horse balls game since Team Etzel crushed the reigning champs with a brilliant score of 13-4. Boo-ya.

    1. Edsel

      1. Oh. Sorry. “Etzel” is the acronym for the Israel National Defense organization so it kind of is the way I naturally would spell it out. TEAM EDSEL FTW!!!

  10. 17:48 Rx – pretty rough, running backwards was an odd experience… and the heat, oh i can’t wait for the true summer days. Not to mention, I just really need to work on my running.

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