Wednesday Workout & New Cycle

Throughout the summer, we’ll be moving to a cycle where we  olympic lift every Wednesday and Saturday (noon only on Saturday). Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will all look like our traditional class structure, but support our overall development of olympic lifting. Saturdays at 11AM will switch to makeup classes or suggested WODs.

Warmup: Shoulder prehab, Burgener

Hang Power Snatch + 2 OHS (light); Jerk (from a rack) x3x3 (light)

Power Snatch x3x3 (light); Muscle Clean and Jerk (to max Muscle Clean)

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout & New Cycle

  1. HPS: 55#
    Jerk: 89#

  2. HPS: 45#
    Jerk: 45#

  3. 35# for both

  4. HPS: 30#
    Jerk: 57#

    This was my first time doing oly lifting, so needed LOTS of work on my form. Trying to get over my fear of the snatch movements. Thanks for your help, Ben!

    1. Haha ignore Joelle’s humility, she is a badass!

  5. PS: 50,45,45 — 45 was easy, 50 wasn’t perfect. at all.

    C&J: 82

    Lovin’ my oly shoes.

    1. yeah 82#!!!! And your Oly shoes are HAWT.

  6. Gretchen Kittelberger May 19, 2010 — 7:30 pm

    PS: 77, 77, 89
    MC&J: 116

  7. Beginner
    PS+OHSx2: 3-3-3: 89#
    Split Jerk: 3-3-3: 81, 91, 101

  8. PS: 47, 47, 52, 52
    MC&J: 52 (didn’t really try to go heavy)

  9. Everyone should check out the picture for the Thursday workout. Way to go Gretchen!

  10. PS: 67#, 67#, 72#
    MC&J: 106# (PR)

    And Gretchen looks totally cute while at the same time totally bad-a$$

    Speaking of muscle-ups, nice work John S!!!

  11. snatch: 72/72/77
    clean: 121/john needed to eat

    109 consecutive DUs in warmup!

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