31 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Kelly

  1. Ah sweet it’s my absolute least favorite WOD

    1. which of course means i’m excited to go crush it 🙂

      1. this is the one i actually really WANT to do but my F*&^% knee is swollen!

  2. 40:35 14# (that’s not a typo, it took me 40 minutes to do this one)

    1. You finished, bro…that’s what’s important. good job.

  3. Woot, Gretchen on mainsite! That’s awesome, congrats on such an impressive performance Gretch. Keep up the great work CF Cville!!!

  4. Tough WOD:
    Scaled to 5 rounds with 15 box jumps at 12″ and 15 wallballs at 6lbs

  5. 34:14 rx… in the words of the wise Ben Stephens, “at least Fran ends”

  6. 25:13, same scaling as Diana. Probably should have gone up some in reps or weight, but now I know for next time.

    First ever double under during warmup today, woohoo!!

  7. 25:53 Rx….improvement because I didn’t finish last time!!!

    1. Posted under Ben…

  8. 25:53 Rx….improvement because I didn’t finish last time!!!

    1. damn! you went from DNFing to dominating. congrats.

  9. Gretchen Kittelberger May 20, 2010 — 5:51 pm

    29:28 Rx

  10. 37:43, 10# wallball rnds 1-3, 6# rnds 4-5. STRUGGLED. thanks muchly for the moral support Daves! 🙂

  11. 85 minutes: mowing for time… up a steep hill… both ways… with my eyes closed. Ok, so that last one isn’t really true.

  12. 34:57 Rx also not a typo

  13. 28:55 10# wallball

    Not exactly a confidence-builder, as I was 5 minutes faster in Sept (with a 6# ball, but still). Let’s hope its just the heat, because in 15 days I have a very long way to run.

    1. not as big a change as you think, i measured both the old and new distances
      old = 356m (jump up the step on the return)
      new = 446m

      1. Good to know!

  14. 32:15 as rx’d

    “Kelly” and I are done.

  15. 30:45 RX

  16. 32:43 w/6# ball (well, there were no more 10#…definitely just as well)

  17. WOD: 29:58 RX
    Always fun… 🙂

  18. 33:32 Rx — I thought Vitamin D was really a steroid? Is it not that kind of steroid?! 🙁

  19. 36:35 12″ 6#, 3 rnds of 30 and 2 rnds of 15. also struggled but finished. thanks Dave for the encouragement!

    1. Excellent work!

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