14 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Good Mornings and Gymnastic Holds

  1. Good mornings: 55#

    btw…anyone in the box want some sweet potato plants? I ordered more than I have room for. I have some instructions on planting if interested. Just let me know!

  2. Ok…just watched that video….wow!

  3. GM: 67; 77 x 3
    HS hold: 45 sec 🙁
    L hold: 10 sec

  4. GM: 45, 55 x 3
    LH: mostly on boxes
    HSH: had to climb up facing wall

  5. good mornings: 89, 111 x 3
    L-sits on rings: 5 x 20 sec
    HSPU work: press from bottom 5 x 3

  6. GMs: 77# x4

    L holds (box): 1st attempt 30 seconds (but legs not quite parallel), last 4 attempts 15 seconds each with only 1 leg up so as to reach parallel (alternating, the other leg was held in a tuck position)

    HSPU work: negatives 1×3 with 1 abmat and hands on 5kilo plates, 3×3 just the 1 abmat, and 1×3 starting from headstand and pushing up (1 abmat over 1 5kilo plate).

    1. Oh yeah and my warm-up was almost an hour of hitting some tennis balls with Jason! Woot!

  7. GM: 89X4

    L-sit holds on the boxes, plus a few HSPU on a 5kg+abmat. Also learned how to kick up to a HS!

    1. You sure did!!!

  8. Boo, I wanted to do this today. Stuck at work until juuuust too late.

  9. Gretchen Kittelberger May 21, 2010 — 6:12 pm

    good mornings: 89#

  10. 67, 77×3
    max box hold knees up 50 secs
    max handstand hold 1:30

  11. Good Mornings: 111, 121×3
    Max Ring L-Hold: 40
    Max HS Hold: 59

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