1 thought on “Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

  1. When I joined I had been crossfitting for about 8 months following the website. In two months, I have become so much stronger, smarter, faster and meaner. Did X-fit total today and went up significantly in each exercise. (Squat:290, Shoulder Press:158, Deadlift: 363)

    Also I finally did a muscle-up.

    I’m leaving for the summer and I’ll be back in August. I just wanted to thank all the trainers and my fellow trainees. After two months with you all I have two regrets; I didn’t join sooner and I wish I was as smart as Seth and starting my own company so I could stay in C-ville and keep coming to the gym.

    If you’re in NYC this summer please drop me a line or give me a buzz


    Be well and keep attacking

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