19 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Overhead Squat

  1. OHS: 67#, 77#, 77#, 82#, 82#,82#
    Max Height Box Jump: 24″ + 3x10kg +20kg

  2. OHS: 15#,20#,20#,25#,25#,25#
    Max Height BJ: with the for required for this exercise 12″ +10kg and 5kg plate; did 18″ jump but too much knee bend on the land

    1. That should be “with the FORM”….

  3. back in the saddle! (month of May off with an AT hiking excursion and Euro biz trip)…

    OHS: 35# all sets
    Box Jumps: 24″ + 10kg (2) / + 10kg (2) / + 10kg (1)

  4. FYI – there is a tape measure in the gym…

  5. 89, 111, 121, 126, 133, 138

  6. Props to Our Trainers…..some of you know that I work down in Roanoke several days a week. So to keep my strength training more consistent I recently joined the YMCA down there. I have been lifting there for the past 3 weeks or so- mostly SP and DL.
    So today I was stretching and one of the trainers came up to me and said that 2 men in the gym had asked her if she know “about” me b/c I have a great Deadlift form! She even said one of then used to lift professionally and owned an oly gym at some point.
    So I told her all about how awesome Crossfit C-ville was and how the trainers are fantastic about teaching and stay on us to keep good form!

    You all rock!!!

    1. thanks!! 🙂

  7. A2A OHS: 45×3, 50×3
    Box jumps: 12″ + 2 10kg plates

  8. Gretchen Kittelberger June 1, 2010 — 8:59 pm

    OHS: 94-99-111-121-131-136

  9. a2a OHS: 67# (5X3), 89# (3×1) , 111# (3×2)

    Box Jumps: 32″

  10. a2a OHS: 3×5@45#, 3×3@55#
    Max Box – 20″

  11. box jumps 32″

  12. OHS: 45 x 3, 55 x 2, 67 (working out some wrist issues)
    BJ: 24″ w/o knee bend, 47″ w/ knee bend

  13. OHS: 25#x3, 30#x3
    Box jumps: 12″x2, 13″x3 (12″ box + 5k plate)

  14. OHS: 133, 133, 155; only did three sets of five because of right shoulder pain

    Box Jump Max: 30′

  15. I need barbells and pull-up bars back in my life! I almost kicked some kids off the COOLEST PLAYGROUND EVER yesterday to do some pull-ups, but I thought their parents would get suspicious. Oh yeah my workout yesterday was hike around Inis Oirr (the small Aran Island). It would have been for time, but I got distracted by cows, lambs, horses, and castle ruins and Bronze Age tombs. And lunch. 😀 See you all in a week!!! Also AWESOME jump Chris!

  16. Makeup work on Saturday & first time doing A2A OHS, only did 3×5 @ 45#

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