Wednesday Workout: Oly Lifting


Warmup: Shoulder prehab, Burgener (PVC and weighted)

3 Position Power Clean (mid thigh, bottom of knee, ground — light); Snatch Bal x3x3 (PVC or light)

Mid-Hang Clean (full squat — medium); Snatch High-Pull x3x5 (medium)

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Oly Lifting

    1. jk chris nice jump!

      1. looked pretty easy though – you should try 50″ next time i think.

    1. Silly consumer reports.
      1) You DO need the extra protein.
      2) Heavy metal = Metallica = Awesome (unless you’re pregnant or nursing).

  1. Went to Primal Fitness today (felt like cheating on my girlfriend)

    Warm Up: Jump rope, push press, agility ladder things, and a weird combo of hand stands and L sits.

    Run a lap (4 city blocks)
    10 Burpees
    20 KB swings (not sure of the weight. maybe 1.5 pood)

    9:21 -Rx

    I had the 3rd fastest time in the gym. I’ll do better tomorrow.

  2. Mid-hang clean: 133#
    Snatch high pull: 111#

    1. Kory, you better be practicing those muscle ups, man, because if I’m still around when you get back you better be able to hang. Hand-stands are next. Congrats on the time, I think we’ll forgive you.

  3. Beginner – 35# for both

  4. Hang Squat Clean: 253#
    Snatch High Pull: 3×5 @ 155#

    Gonna have some nice blisters/calluses on my thumbs tomorrow thanks to mr. hook grip.

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