Saturday Workout: Oly Lifting & Makeup


Saturday Schedule: 9AM Makeup, 11AM Makeup, 11AM On Ramp #3, 12 Noon Oly Lifting

Warmup: Shoulder prehab, Burgener (PVC and weighted)

Muscle clean (heavy single)x5; Muscle Snatch (heavy single)x5

Power clean (heavy single)x5 ; Power Snatch (medium)x1x5

Assistance: toes to bar x3x10 (like KTE)

6 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Oly Lifting & Makeup

  1. Dave H. – I was planning on coming at 9 today but am pretty beat up from this week. I worked out 5 times and think I need a recovery day. Just wanted to let you know since I said I would be there on facebook. Have a great day!!

    1. That’s ok 🙂 We’ll see you this coming week.

  2. 3 rnds – 10 DU, 15 box jumps 18″ – finally conquered my box jump fear!!! (thanks Dave!!) still working on the DU’s…
    DL – worked on form, 89#

    1. You were rockin’ those box jumps at the end, Bri!

  3. Just worked on form for shoulder press, push press and push jerk, 5x3s.
    SP: 55
    PP: 72
    PJ: 77# (did 89# 1x)

  4. MC: 111/121/126/133/143 (PR)
    MS: 72/77/82/82/82

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