Kickball and Paleo Kits

Join the Kickball Team

Kickball season is upon us and Jason is captaining a kickball team. Please sign up ASAP to join the team. You are all invited to play. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday, hang out with friends and demonstrate functional fitness skills. Join here. The team is currently named “CrossFit Charlottesville” but you guys can rename it to whatevs.

Order Paleo Kits

We’ve got a deal as an affiliate. If we order 200 kits or more we get a 25% discount; if we order 500 kits or more, we get a 30% discount.  These are way better afternoon snacks than a soda or a candybar and you can feel good because you are supporting inner-city at-risk youth in Camden, NJ. They last a long time and are great for snacks on the road, in the office and after a workout.  Here is the website. We’ll order the medium size in packs of 25. So if you want 50 kits, say you’re down for 2 packs in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Kickball and Paleo Kits

  1. 2 packs please

  2. 2 packs for me

  3. Would anybody be interested in joining a soccer team (als0 through the cville social club)? I didn’t want to make a team right away since I didn’t know how much interest there would be, but if we can get enough people I’ll happily sign us up. You can post a comment here or email me (jglaw at virginia dot edu).

  4. Oh and please let me know if you have a better team name – right now we’re the only team that doesn’t have a drinking/kickball pun of some kind.

  5. 2 packs

  6. Sign me up (Chris Garay) for:
    – kickball,
    – soccer, and
    – 2 packs of Paleo Kits.


  7. Ok, so I registered for kickball. Does this mean I have to wear my horn rimmed glasses with athletic tape wrapped around the nose piece?

  8. 2 packs, please!

    When are kickball games? I’m interested but it all depends on schedule.

    1. Sundays, looks like afternoons.

      1. works for me!!! Now I need to remember to sign up

  9. 1 pack paleo kits!

  10. 2 please

  11. 1 pack please

  12. 1 pack please

  13. 2 packs please

  14. Down for 1 pack if it’s not too late…

  15. we need 2 more to get the 30% discount….

  16. Also need people to actually sign up for kickball 🙂

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