21 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Filthy Fifty

  1. Wow I could have sworn that last time the KB swings were 35#/25# weights… hmmmm (at least that’s how it’s listed on btwb — 1 pood as Rx for men).

    1. http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/001550.html

      35# woot…going to make this so much easier

  2. to keep things comparable, we’ll do it the way it’s listed here. sorry πŸ™‚

    1. okay but last time we did do it 35#/25# (even though it’s not listed that way here)… I don’t mind doing 35# I was just reallllly confused.

      1. And this is different than?

  3. 20:44 35 reps, subbed 35 calorie row for burpees (sore shoulder)

  4. Q: Dead or Alive Thirty Five?!

    24:15 (35# KB, 14# WB, 105 SUs) – lamely admit also skimped on the burpees a bit

    A: Dead. omg.

  5. Gretchen Kittelberger June 11, 2010 — 7:16 pm

    19:36 RX (PR by 2:49)

    1. You. Are. Awesome.

  6. 28:03 Rx+

  7. 29:30 (scaled to 30 wall balls and burpees and 100 single unders)

  8. blah. I didn’t even get to the burpees or the double unders after 30 minutes. (kb: 25#, knees to chest, pp: 35#, wb: 10#)

  9. 29:30 Rx
    This was the hardest WOD I have participated in to date. It must have been devised by a true maniac.

    I did 50 of everything, but the second half of my KTEs were scaled down to leg raises.

    I got to the burpees in less than 22 minutes. I had to do them VERY slowly as rapidly standing up was starting to make me lightheaded.

    I look forward to doing this again in a few months when I can get some revenge on it πŸ™‚

    Edit: I actually did 40 KB swings as I used the 54# bell (Landon’s suggestion).

  10. Box jumps- lowest box, 25# KBS, KTE- VERY fragmented and done “swinging”, 35# PP and back ext. 6# WBs, got a few burpees (10ish?)

  11. 29:40 x35 #14 wall ball

  12. Rx except wallballs, made it to burpee #23 πŸ™

  13. Through 36 burpees Rx. Completed in 30 min if you sub dry heaves for double unders and 14 burpees.

  14. 28:41, everything rx except for KB swings, wall balls and burpees were 35 reps instead of 50.

  15. 27:17, 25#kb, 35#pp and be, 6#wb, 100SU

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