25 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Dragon Slaying

  1. Still need lots of kickball players! A bunch of you have told me in person that you’d play but are being lazy on the internet. Sign up here. Also let me know if you’re interested in soccer. I think so far I heard interest from Chris G, Seth, Gretchen and Lydia.

    1. Who’s putting together softball!?

    2. I signed up, I hope it showed! NOT interested in soccer.

    3. John Slo said he might be interested. What’s the schedule? I’ll be more than happy to come out and watch, but I don’t do ball sports 😉

    4. All I know is that games are on Sundays (for both sports). I’m assuming afternoon/evening.

      1. I’d sign up, but I am too lazy both on the internet and in real life.

    5. I signed up for kickball on the internet. Are we going to practice or just go in cold? As for soccer… notsomuch.

  2. 6 + 5 BS (BS: 111#, 35#kb)

  3. 7rds + 5 FS + 10 ring rows (99#FS, mix toe ring dips and ring rows, 35# KB)

  4. 9 (45#fs, box dips, 20#kb)

  5. 5 rds + fs/dips and 1o kb (67#fs, toe ring dips, 35#kb)

  6. 7? forgot to count… (67#fs, toe ring dips, 20#kb)

  7. 6 rounds @ 111# front squats and 45# KB

  8. 5.6666 rounds Rx

  9. 5 rds+ FS + RD + 3KB, RX for 4 rds then 111 FS.

  10. 6 rds even w/67# FS, toe ring dips, and 25#kb swings. Improved over last time where I dropped FS weight mid-WOD.

  11. Packing, loading and unloading boxes for time. Ran another mile today without stopping. Hells bells, I’m on a roll!

  12. almost 7 rounds (6 rounds + everything except 1 kb swing) – 57# FS, toe ring dips, 25# kb

  13. 8 rds w/ russian KB swings.

  14. 5 rds.(?) Rx’d

    Went over by 1.5 min. roughly

  15. 7 rds(45#fs, toe ring dips, 15#kb)

  16. 5 rds plus 5 FS @ 133#, regular dips, 35#KB

  17. 6 Rds – 57# FS , toe dips, 15# KB

  18. 6 rounds plus all but 15 kettle ball swings- 67#, ring dips with red band, 35# kettle ball- dripped sweat all the way to my meeting, paid for it, too!

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