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Ok guys, small change in the order. There are no more medium kits and they now offer grass-fed beef.  The large kits are twice as large as the small, but only cost about 50% more.  There is no price difference between ordering the 5 pack and the 25 pack, so we’re going to order in increments of 5 packs of large grass-fed. I’ve adjusted your orders to reflect roughly the same pricing as before and grass fed beef. Please let me know if you have any issues, otherwise, I’ll assume you’re down for the order.

Fran: 8

Kyle: 8

Jeff A: 4

Dave H: 8

Chris G: 8

Elizabeth: 8

Lydia: 4

Landon: 8

Melly: 4

Amy: 4

LaurenR: 8

Sara: 4

If you are ordering 4, you will owe about $96 and if you are ordering 8, you will owe about $192.

The pricing comes out to about $4.50 per kit after our discount or about $23 per 5-pack + shipping.  Ingredients are here:
There is still time to order more!  Please le tme know by the end of the day.

11 thoughts on “Paleo Kit Order

  1. put me down for 4 too

  2. Um wow that’s a bit more expensive than I had anticipated. Is it a bad thing if I ask to just be put down for 4 instead of 8? I hope that doesn’t screw up the discount.

    1. it’s a bad thing if you can’t do math 😛

      1. guess it’s a good thing I went into a non-math field then 😀

  3. Oh I was just wondering about this. I’d like to get 4, please!

  4. Kyle you can count my 4 towards Bethany’s since I can’t do at this time. thankyou

  5. Hey Kyle,

    John and I would like 4 packs of 5 of grass fed if we can still piggyback on your order.

    He can bring you cash or check today or tomorrow.

  6. Ok, order is in. It’s $24 per 5 pack including shipping. Please bring money ASAP!

    1. Do we make the check out to you or to Crossfit Charlottesville?

      1. CrossFit Charlottesville

  7. I will change mine to a 4 pack order.

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