6 thoughts on “Saturday: Makeup and Oly Lifting

  1. Awesome workout- first time back at the box after knee blow out. All is getting better and moving in the right direction:
    DL 5×5@ 99
    Push press 3×5@45
    WOD (only coustom b/c knee)
    3 rounds:
    20 kb swings 20
    20 abmat situps
    10 ring rows

    800m not brisk enough walk 🙂 for cool down

    Thanks for all your help Dave!!!

    1. Great job today. Now we know the farm walk for next time.

  2. O-lift WOD—
    Power Snatch +2OHS: 67# x2, 72# x2, 77#

    Max Muscle C&J: 111# (PR)

  3. Power Snatch + 2 OHS: 40KG, 40K, 50KG, 50KG, 50KG
    Max Muscle Clean: 70KG

  4. Kyle, thanks so much for the hospitality. That Welcome to Purgatory workout was tough! You have a nice box in C’ville, and look forward to some visits to B’burg!

  5. 20 minutes amrap max pullups, 400m run.
    10,12,10,8,7 and 100m short of 5th run.

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