Housekeeping… New On Ramp August 9th at 6PM, Social, Gravatars

A few reminders:

Our Next On Ramp Starts on August 9th at 6PM

Please tell your friends to come by a free day at 10AM on a Saturday or contact me if they want to get enrolled in our next program. Details are here.

Setup Your Comment Picture and Post Your Scores!

We need you to record your scores on the website so when you do the same workout 6 months down the road we have a record.  Go to and you can pick your picture to appear whenever you post a comment with a given email address.

Our Next Social: Monday or Wednesday next week?

Our July On Ramp is almost finished and that means its time to have a social. I was thinking either Monday or Wednesday of next week at 7:30PM. Do either of those times work better for you? I think we’re going to Boylan Heights this time unless anyone prefers really bad service from that nearby place that serves beer. Let me know in the comments.

Trainer Apprenticing

There are some new people you may have giving you advice and leading various parts of regular classes. Ian, Elizabeth, Jason and Martha might be part of this. They are certified and are learning the ropes.

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