6 thoughts on “Saturday: Free Day, On Ramp & Makeup!

  1. heavy single power snatch: 94#

    Same weight as last time, but did quite a few reps with it (yes I know I need to drop under!!! And not throw my head back. And not lead with my hips….). Tried for 99# a couple times and just didn’t drop under. Next time!

  2. oh and Jon I really liked the filming today. It really helped to see what we’re doing wrong.

    1. Agreed – that was really great.

  3. Split snatch – 116
    Power snatch – 116
    Def have wayyyy more in me just need to keep arms straight longer and stay over the bar.

    1. Also split snatch is really fun

  4. Ooh, I am so sad to have missed Oly lifting. This morning’s long run totally kicked my butt … and then I had an epic craving for waffles that needed attention. Mmm, waffles…

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