32 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Muscle Ups

  1. What is the sub for muscle ups?

    1. Typically 3 pull ups and 3 ring dips count for 1 muscle up. This can be scaled further with band pull ups and box dips.

      Hope this helps but discuss with the trainer running the WOD to see what they would prefer.

  2. 11:02 (3 red band PUs and 3 Toe ring dips per MU)

  3. 11:50, 3xpull ups, 3x dips w/red band

  4. 8:55 (3x blue band PUs, 3x plank ring dips)

  5. 7:47 (3x gb pull up, 3x red band ring dips)

  6. Excellent work morning people!

    I completely forgot about cashing out with L-Sits.

    No worries. We will get it next time 🙂

  7. 8:35 (subbed 2x ring support holds and partner pull ups (thanks, Ben!) for the muscle ups)

  8. 6:40 Jumping Muscle Ups

    1. sick buddy!! nice work!

  9. 15:58 (3x green band PUs and box dips)

    Can only go up from here 🙂

    1. First WOD woo!

  10. WOD: 5:57 Rx
    L-sit: on ground 25 sec, 20 sec, on parallettes 15 sec

    hell yeah Justin!

    1. Nice job dude!! Muscle ups looked great!

  11. 10:03 rx, no idea how long the l-sit holds were

    1. Also thanks Ope for helping me with the kipping stuff. I think I would have done a lot better if the rings were higher so I could hang with my legs all the way down.

  12. 9:28 – jumping MU’s. I will achieve ultimate victory…..but not yet!

  13. 11:44, 3x box dips and red band pullups (first two rounds), then jumping b/c that was toooo ambitious

  14. 6:14 jumping muscle ups. No times for L-sits (2 sets on rings, 2 on parallettes), hard-to-impossible to keep legs perfectly straight.

  15. welcome Kim and Joe. great job today Justin and Chris. looking forward to seeing all our On Ramp graduates in the gym tomorrow. hint hint.

  16. 7:27 (subbed blue band muscle-ups)

    1. Did you do the thing where you sit in the band? I love that!

  17. 12:14 ? Rx’d

  18. 11:56 (3x gbpu and 3x box dips)

  19. At home version – 7:52
    Subbed 3 x push-ups and box dips. My intention was to do big girl push-ups the whole time. Yeah well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  20. 9-something, sorry I forgot

    3x red band pus (where I lost a ton of time, boo) and box-to-box dips

  21. WOD: 15:47 (blueband and box dips).

    That sucked.

  22. 2 for 1 strict shoulder to ring pullups/dips


  23. 10:10. 3 for 1 green band pullups + box dips. and forgot about the holds.

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