18 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Weighted Pullups

  1. Kenny powers plays real sports, he isn’t trying to be the best at exercising.

    1. gotta love it

  2. Gretchen Kittelberger August 20, 2010 — 6:45 pm

    Pull-ups: 25-25-25-30-30-30

    13:42 rx

  3. pullup: 25-30-30-40-40-45(2)

    13:06 RX

  4. 6 sets of 5 negatives subbed for weighted PUs

    15:19 with 10-10-6-6#

  5. PUs: (6×3) 0#, 5#, 0#, 0#, 5#, 5# (but the middle two 0#s I did without resetting on the bar so that’s a new thing. Man I need to work on strict PUs)

    WOD: 13:59 rx

    Thank you, Ian and Jason, for yelling at –er, encouraging — me just enough to keep me under 14 minutes! I have reconsidered my affinity for wallballs, and the outcome is not in favor of wallballs.

    1. Always encouragement 🙂

  6. PU: 30×3/35/40/40
    WOD: 11:35 subbing 45# goblet squats for WBs

  7. PU: 5×5 negatives
    WOD: 16:13 w/ 10# wb

  8. Saturday makeup: 16:10 rx

  9. negative pullups subbed for weighted

    WOD: 13:30
    with a killer blister on my left heel from rowing *wrong* why does everything have to be so complicated…(i know i know, it’s not really and practice)

  10. 5/10/10/15/20/25(1)

    WOD 12:46 Rx (note to self, careful about letting the rower coast to zero. came back to the rower for the fourth round and there was still 1 meter left from round 3. lost 20 seconds.)

  11. 5×5 negative pull-ups
    WOD: 14:42 rx

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