Local Grassfed Beef Buy

Grass-fed Beef Order

We are putting together a beef buy for anyone interested in buying grass-fed beef. The beef will come
from a local source, Wolf Creek Farm, which is located north of Cville in Madison (near Old Rag). The beef you get will be a mix of all different cuts — steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc — and in my experience with this farm it is all really good. If you want to try a little bit before you commit to a big order they sell at the Farmer’s market, as well as through C’ville Market which is right near the gym (221 Carlton Road), and through Retail Relay. It should take 3-4 weeks from the time we place the order until it is ready to go. Beef can be frozen and stored 9-12 months and maintain high quality.
Ground beef for less time, generally 3-4 months.

Listed below are the standard quantities available. If a quarter is too much for you and you are interested in an eighth (49lbs) or a sixteenth (24.5lbs) let me know and I will match you up with someone to split with. Remember, the pricing will be for the whole order, so if enough of us join in we will all get the lowest per lb price. Get your grills ready people!

Amount Weight Price
per lb
Total Freezer
Quarter 98
$5.89/lb $554 5 cubic
Half 188
$5.44/lb $1,023 8-10 cubic
Whole 376
$5.06/lb $1,905 15-20 cubic

*weights are approximate, depend on individual animal, and 1 cubic foot is about the size of a milk crate

(references used: http://pods.dasnr.okstate.edu/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-2059/F-3401web.pdf
and http://peacefulpastures.com/bulk-options.html)

If you are interested please contact Emily Anderson
(emilylaneanderson@gmail.com), who is organizing the buy.

4 thoughts on “Local Grassfed Beef Buy

  1. I’m interested in a sixteenth. Also, I work for Relay Foods (formerly Retail Relay), so if enough CrossFit people are interested perhaps we could set up some discount or coupon. Maybe they can deliver to the gym one day of the week.

    1. Hi Chris, sounds good, and interesting about Relay Foods, I know they have a lot of local products.

      Could you possibly shoot me an email or give me your phone number so I can contact you more easily?

      my email is emilylaneanderson@gmail.com

  2. G and I are interested in a sixteenth.

    1. Hi Diana, could you send me your email address or phone number as well?

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