3 thoughts on “Saturday Schedule

  1. back squats: up to 225 (PR, a bit shallow though)
    row / KB swings: 40 swings Rx

  2. O-lifting goal for the day: overcome fear of really dropping under a loaded bar … so naturally I went light with my weights.

    Power/Squat Snatch 2×5 (3 power, 2 squat), 1×3 (2 power, 1 squat), 4×2 (1 power, 1 squat)
    -ended up working more on just the full squat snatch and worked up to 72#, which is pretty darn light for a power snatch but I’m a little scared to try more for the full squat just yet (it’s all mental, I know I know)

    Snatch High Pull 3×3: 79#
    Snatch Deadlift 3×2: 84#, 89#, 94# (focus on not lifting hips first!)
    Push Jerk 2×5, 3×3: 79#, 89#; 94#, 101#, 106# (could have gone heavier)

  3. DT: 10:08 89# for dl and hpc, 67 for pj

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