Friday Workout: ??? and Pullups


Weighted Pullup 3-3-3-1-1-1


Three rounds for time of:

  • 30 Wallball shots, 20/14 pound ball (10.5 foot target)
  • 75/45 pound Squat snatches, 30 reps (movement initiates with barbell below the knees)

Time cutoff is 17 minutes.

(compare times to here)


4 Minutes Each Foot Calf Stretching. See this post.

34 thoughts on “Friday Workout: ??? and Pullups

  1. Gretchen Kittelberger August 26, 2010 — 6:46 pm

    Hey Guys,

    CrossfitBWI in Baltimore is hosting the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge Nov 6&7th. It was originally going to be an individual competition only, but they’ve decided to turn it into an affilaite competition as well. I’m already going as an individual but I wanted to put it out there and see if there was any interest in putting together a Crossfit Charlottesville Affiliate team for this. It needs to be a four person team– 2 guys and 2 girls. Registration opens September 3rd and I’m assuming will fill up that day as only 20 spots are available. I’ll help organize everything and be there to help people out the whole weekend just in case people are on the fence but nervous about doing the whole competition thing. So if anyone is interested let me know asap so we can get a team put together and registered!

    1. Please let us know soon! The spots WILL fill up on Sept. 3. It would be so awesome to have a huge group up there to support each other and just have some general fun. If you want some more details check out the facebook page for the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge. Also go here

    2. I would totally be interested in an affiliate team!

    3. While not the most competitive person in the gym I would be on a affiliate team for this one. Let me know if a group needs me.

      1. Yay!!! GIRLS?!?!

    4. G and I will be there to cheer everyone on and G will be taking pics of xfit cville peeps.

    5. SOOO I convinced CAT and KIM that they wanted to do this. Cat, Kim, go check your schedules for Nov. 6-7 to make sure you are free (if not, make yourselves free). Okay so it looks like we have an Affiliate Team for the Hopper Challenge (Billy, Dave J, Kim, and Cat)!!! This is assuming you all go register AS SOON AS registration opens on September 3, since there are only 20 team spots available. Also this is more reason for others to register as spectators.

      1. that’s awesome guys! train hard!

      2. I wrote it in my planner…which is a big deal, and means its happening.

      3. I’m spectating!!

  2. Is it supposed to be a joke that this WOD is called “running”

    1. Oh. . . you changed it.

      1. whatever it’s called the legs will be dead after. And Miranda (in the mainsite video) barely made the cut-off time! Oof.

  3. witnessed the first hit of the PR gong today with Lauren’s 4 rep strict pullups. booya.

  4. pu: 2,2,1,1,1
    wod: 10:06 sub 45# front squat and rr

  5. pu: 4,1,1,1,1
    wod: 14:10 (10#, 15#)

  6. stopped in at Windy City CrossFit in Chicago…
    skill: power clean 5×3 40-55-60(fail)-55
    WOD: as many rounds in 10 minutes of 20 du’s and 5 hspu’s
    6 rounds…worked on my du’s! and 20″ box hspu’s

    felt good!

  7. pull-ups: up to 50# (PR gong!)
    WOD: 16:40, scaled to 55# hang squat snatches, 25 reps

  8. Strength: ring rows

    3 rounds 20 reps
    DB Thrusters 10,5,5
    KBS @ 25#

  9. 15:52@35# and 14#

    1. oh yeah and one 10# (gong-worthy) chin up, WORD

  10. PUs: 3-3-3 strict (no weight), 5#, 10#, 5# (I feel weaker)

    17:… 20?ish? Rx DNF with 3 snatches left to go so finished up anyway (thanks Ian)

  11. Subbed nigh-horizontal RRs for PUs

    WOD 11:08 (20 reps each/set) 10# WB and 15# Snatch

    Should have done 25# Snatch… little disappointed that I didn’t work harder

  12. Max Weighted Pull-up: 55# (PR)

    WOD: 14:14 rx’d

  13. Pull ups: 5,5,10 x3 15,20,25×1 PR, woo!
    WOD: 17:08, 45# bar, 20# ball

  14. Pullups – 3.5, 3 w/dropping off the bar, 3, 1, 1, 1 kinda strict – hit the gong for the 3.5
    WOD: DNF – had 12 snatches left to go when time was up, 25# snatch, 10# wallball

  15. Gretchen Kittelberger August 27, 2010 — 10:23 pm

    Pull-ups: 25-30-35-40-45-55 (barely)

    WOD: 16:52 rx

    1. ‘barely’ still counts! woo PR! Awesome job on the WOD

    2. only counts if the gong was struck

  16. PUs: 25-40-50×3 (PR) – 60 – 65 – 70 (PR) x1

    WOD: DNF, 23 snatches to go at 17 minutes, RX

  17. 5 X 5 strict pull-up practice (stop using chin-up grip, get used to other so you can learn better kipping technique)

    WOD: DNF, stopped at about 18 minutes w. 15 (?) left to go, RX

  18. PU: subs slow count lowering, 3,3,2,2,2 (Kyle told me about some wonky arm swellingI could get if I did too many…!!??)
    WOD: 13:28 (roughly) (8#, 15#)

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