Saturday Free Day, September On Ramp & Schedule

For everything who knows someone or has ever thought about joining our gym, our last free day before our September 6th On Ramp Program happens at 10AM this Saturday. Please feel free to show up and try us out (or experience us again) and learn what we’re all about.


8AM – Makeup

10AM – Free Day (open to all)

11AM – Makeup & On Ramp Class

12 Noon – Oly Lifting

Extra Credit for Saturday: Pick the worst mobility WOD from the week and do it again.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Free Day, September On Ramp & Schedule

  1. ***SUNDAY WOD: salsa dance AMRAP at Rapture (downtown mall)***

    Jeff’s last night in town so let’s all go out and have a great time!!! $5/girls, $8/guys. Cash bar. Great people. Awesome music. Dress code: clothing. There is a beginner lesson at 8 (but maybe I’ll have people at my place first instead… unless there are too many people interested because my place isn’t that big!) and dancing starts at 9. You know I will be there (Jeff save me a dance!) and I expect/hope to see all your lovely faces there, too.

  2. annie: 12:27, double unders were not so good today 🙁

  3. Thursday’s WOD: 13:10 Rx

  4. Wod; Thursday’s scaled- 12:32 (3 Rounds)

    30 walking lunges 5 kilo Plate overhead
    90 single unders
    3o situps
    10 deadlifts @ 111#

  5. Came back for oly lifting.
    Power clean and jerk: worked up to 155#, PR

  6. 2 rnds of 30 Wall Balls 20# and 30 Low hang power snatch 77#..8:19

  7. Oly Lifting: work up to heavy PC&J — 126# (pr on the jerk)

    Still mad about the multiple missed attempts and screw-ups at 133# because I know I can do it. I’ve cleaned 130# before why is 133# such a problem!? Gah. Next time. NEXT TIME. Many reps done just at 111# working on form and timing.

    Sott’s Press 3×5 @15#

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