Wednesday Workout: Team Workout

In teams of 2, do the following:

Run 400 Meters (as a team)


3 Rounds of

  • 20 Hang Power Cleans (133/89)
  • 30 Pullups (pullups can be kipping or assisted from other person)
  • 40 Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 50 Double Unders


Run 400 Meters (as a team)

Only one team member can do work at a time.  Each team member must do at least 1/3rd of total reps. Power clean bar and wall balls cannot be dropped while doing those movements or a 10 burpee penalty for both team members.


Test: High Pull, Scare Crow Clean Pulling Position
Wod: Hand Behind Back “Bully” Shoulder Position (3 minutes per arm)
Re-test: High Pull. Bonus: Does the turn over on your snatch receiving position decrease.
Were you able to have faster elbows in the clean?
Then 4 minutes bottom of ass to ankles squat.

21 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Team Workout

  1. 12:28 solo, lots of mods

    400m row
    35# HPC
    30 RR
    40 WB, 10#
    25 KB swings, 25#
    400m row

  2. Stuck in Arlington until 10:30 tonight:(

    Thought you meatheads might want to know that WholeFoods will have grassfed ground beef for 3.99/lb. on Friday only.

  3. 13:42 solo. 111 lbs HPC.

  4. 18:15 w/ Jennings, Dave @ 111#

  5. 17:38 solo with 20 24″ straight-leg bj for hpc, 15 pu per round, and 20 111# bs for the wbs.

  6. 19:?? Partner was Hillary ( we both got tummy aches yay)
    Sub: Ring Rows, Single Unders
    Power Clean @ 40
    Wall Ball@8lb

    1. 19:32

      and yea, barf city during the DUs. That was a brutal one.

  7. 25:3?, solo, 7 HPCl @ 133, 1/2 reps Rx for everything else.

    uggh, what a shitty performance. This is why sleep and nutrition are important kiddies. 🙁

  8. 23:20 w/ Lindsay. Sub ring rows and single unders. #35 HPC , #6 WBs

    1. Also, rowed 500 in 2:08

  9. umm…I lost my piece of paper, so I don’t really remember. Since i was the ONLY ONE AT 6:30AM today I did 1/2 by myself.

    my time was either something like 14:46 or 16:46 haha no idea

    used rainbow assortment of bands for pullups, 45# HPC, 10 WB, subs 3x single unders

    and stretching definitely improved the scarecrow thing.

    1. found my paper, time was 16:35

  10. 23:44 with ope RX. that hurt especially with 4 penalties

  11. 19:40 with Ted.
    I used 50# HPC, 8# wb, ring rows

  12. with Kim — uhhh either 24:30ish or 26:30ish RX (except the giant blisters of agony on my right hand made me sub ring rows [straight leg] for PUs during the last round. Kim was awesome and didn’t get blisters)

  13. 25:32 with Bethany…Sub ring rows and single unders, #67 HPC

    1. Yep…that was a rough one, but good team wod. Glad I wasn’t alone in the 7pm class!

  14. 23:10 solo (did half; 115# HPC)

  15. Sat makeup with Dan: 22:52 67#, 14#

  16. Saturday make-up with Chris: 20:05; 42# HPC, 8# ball, SU sub, jumping PUs.

  17. Saturday Make Up WOD: Workout with Amy: 26:33

    Joe: 55# HPC, blue band PUs, 10# WB, 3:1 SUs for DUs
    Amy: 35# HPC, Ring Rows, 8# WB, Combination of DUs and SUs

    I think I got that right… awesome workout

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