14 thoughts on “Saturday Schedule

  1. Huzzah 8am makeup class!
    I’d like to do the Wed. workout at 8, but could use a teammate. Any takers?

  2. Dan, let’s get in there. I’ll be at the 8 am for Wednesday’s team WOD also.

  3. Que bueno! See you at 8.

  4. Up from Florida Can I come to 8 am workout? Crossfit Ocala home gym

  5. Make-up WOD “Joby” : 12:07 @67#, bhspu

    1. 2 20K plates

  6. Make Up WOD: Wednesday Team Workout with Amy: 26:33

    Joe: 55# HPC, blue band PUs, 10# WB, 3:1 SUs for DUs
    Amy: 35# HPC, Ring Rows, 8# WB, Combination of DUs and SUs

    I think I got that right… awesome workout 🙂

  7. guys, you should probably put your makeup wod times on their respective posts so that you can find them in the future.

    1. I was wondering about that… I’ll copy and paste to the appropriate WOD

  8. 2 mile city run @ 16:24 (PR)

  9. Oly lifting — whole lotta light power snatches (67# and then 77#) to work on form. Because that exaggerated second pull has got to go. Blargh.

    Split jerk work, worked up to 111# just working again on form and really dropping under the bar instead of being lazy and push pressing it while sort of ‘splitting’ my feet. Ha. It felt… wrong… to jerk without the clean.

    ALSO new ROM PR on HSPUs!!! Got 3 with just the 10kilo plate (just a tad more ROM than a single abmat). Yayyyy.

      1. gesundheit

  10. @ home WOD:
    5k run: 21:30
    not bad, could be better

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