Monday Workout: New Strength Cycle, Backsquat & Helen

Labor Day Schedule: Only open at 5:30PM for our regular classes and 6:15pm for new starting on ramp program! Please contact us if you are still deciding so that we can get you in the program. If you are new to the gym (visitor and starting on ramp), please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out waivers.

Strength Cycle Details

We’re starting round two of a very effective strength program which is a variation of Mark Rippetoe starting strength cycle.  It’s based on our schedule, our equipment and some good pointers from Wichita Falls Weightlifting. As part of this new cycle, we’ll be doing heavy lifts about 4 times per week. We also will prove to you that weightlifting in this way does not create bulky females or bodybuilder arms. With proper nutrition you all should lean out during this period. We’ve programmed it for 6 to 7 weeks, but may go longer depending on how things are going.

* Monday – Squat + shorter metcon
* Tuesday – Heavy Deadlift + shorter metcon
* Wednesday – Longer Metcon + skillwork
* Thursday – Squat + Press
* Friday – Power Cleans + shorter metcon
* Saturday – Makeup
* Wednesdays and Saturdays will be your best days for rest and will both work with our cycle.
* We want you ALL to try to hit every strength day or make it up.
* Weights will start at about 60 to 70% of your 1RM. You will NOT change weights during sets. Rest times in the beginning will be 30 to 90 seconds and 60 to 180 seconds for later weeks. Weights will move up by 2 to 5% per week. This is much faster than we regularly rest between sets, but with good partnering and organized coaching it will be doable.


5-5-5-5-5 Back Squat (60 to 70% of your max, it shouldn’t feel too heavy; weights will increase in future weeks, no changing weights in the middle of sets, time is important: 60 seconds between sets)

Compare to 2/27.

WOD “Helen”

3 Rounds of

  • 400 Meter Run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings (54#/35#)
  • 12 Pullups

Compare to 5/7.

32 thoughts on “Monday Workout: New Strength Cycle, Backsquat & Helen

  1. WOD 13:43, 35# kbs, blue band pu’s / bs @ 89#

  2. Wod: 14:35 rx
    bs: 111#

  3. 133# BS
    WOD: 12:08 rx

  4. BS: 67#
    WOD: 11:31 (30# dumbbell, red band pull ups)

  5. Keep in mind the 400m we ran on the other side was about 40m shorter.

    9:29 Rx

  6. Gretchen Kittelberger September 6, 2010 — 7:16 pm

    BS: 143#

    WOD: 11:40 @ 45#

  7. BS: 155
    WOD: 10:07 rx

  8. 13:33 Rx

    BS: 111#

  9. BS: 111#
    WOD: 10:?? 45# RRs

  10. WOD: 13:34 45# (+2:11…really have no idea…heat? chalk? burned out?)

    BS: 160#

    + first strict bar muscle ups *gong*

    1. first… and then 3 in a row. And you made them look easy.

  11. BS: 126#

    WOD: 15:46 sort of rx

    rnds 2 and 3 PUs on shorter bar with somewhat jumping head start. Ugh. I am so chalk dependent it is insane. But at least the KB swings felt light. And at least I didn’t end up looking like this girl (but believe me it’s all I could think about during round 1 kipping on the higher bar): (watch the left side of the screen — go too far and you’re watching Gretchen. Believe me I wish I could look like Gretchen!)

    Oh but looking on the bright side of things: got 5 reps of HSPUs with a 10kilo plate (about 2″) and then… new ROM PR for 1RM: a 5kilo plate on top of a 5lb plate (about 1.5″)! Woot. Ahhh baby steps. Still no ring dip. 🙁

    1. … by “go too far and you’re watching Gretchen” I obviously meant because Gretchen’s directly in the middle of the video and will immediately grab your attention. The kipping falling scariness is on the left. Some day I am going to eat the ground just like that girl.

  12. BS: 57#
    WOD: 14:10 (25# kb, blue band pull ups)

  13. bs: 133#
    helen: 10:17 @ 45# swings

  14. BS: 89#
    WOD: 13:33 w/25#kb and blue band pullups

  15. 16:52. 35# and gr/bl bands.
    BS: 126#

  16. BS: 59#
    WOD: 10:17 (20# kb, ringrows)

  17. WOD: 14-15min? 35#, gbpu
    BS: 99#

  18. BS# 57

    WOD: subbed rowing/ 25# kbs, ring rows= 12:41

  19. BS: 221# was feeling pretty heavy towards the end
    WOD: 10:26RX and third round wasn’t feeling so hot.

    1. Well, in case you hadn’t heard, 221# IS pretty heavy. Beast!

  20. WOD:14:46 (35# DB)
    BS: 133#

  21. 11:42 w/ 45lb KB

  22. Bs: 133
    wod: 13:49 (35#kb, red band)

  23. WOD-13:32 , 15#kb, gbpu

  24. bs 59#, wod 15:46, 15#kb, gbpu

  25. BS: 60KG, 70KGx4
    WOD: 12:20 Rx’d..Not my best.

  26. 67# BS
    12:50 -35# KB, jumping pullups

  27. WOD: 10:32 with 45# kbell

    LIFT: 60K

  28. WOD: 13:45 Rx

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