Wednesday Workout: Row 2,000 Meters


Row 2k For Time

Compare to 6/13


Test: Thumbs straight forward, ribcage anchored, arms up overhead in pure flexion as far as you can go. Then, Overhead squat
Mob: Collect 10 minutes total, messing around with today’s two Mwod pieces. (shoulder stuff)
Re-Test: Arms up and Overhead squat

35 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Row 2,000 Meters

  1. 8:49…1 sec slower than last time:(

  2. @ JMU UREC
    7:51.2 (PR)
    on 8/31/10 8:10.6 and on 8/3/10 8:37.1

    1. Nice work steve

  3. Gretchen Kittelberger September 8, 2010 — 4:27 pm

    8:08 (PR by 5 secs)

  4. 7:47.1. No Gong. Bummer.

  5. @ apt gym
    8:39 not my best… needed someone yelling in my ear, thus the reason I do crossfit πŸ˜‰

  6. 7:01 (not a PR but moving back in the right direction)

  7. 8:14 – Surprised and excited to get a PR! I need Nate to come back to go sub-8:10. πŸ™

    1. Sa-weeeeeeet!

    1. that’s a ridiculous improvement in your rowing time.

  8. 7:22.5 (.2 sec faster, so I guess PR)

    1. uber sickness!!!!!

  9. 8:07.5 (PR by 7.4 seconds)

    1. Next time, sub 8! I’ll stand next to you and yell the entire time if I have to.

      1. and resuscitate me when I die?

  10. Rowed 2000 meters 7:30 first time.
    What should resistance be set at had it at 4.5?

    1. Anywhere around 4 is fine. There is a step to see actual resistance I can show you.

  11. 8:24 (PR by 12 seconds)

  12. made up on Saturday: 8:59.1, PR by 21 seconds

    1. most impressive, lady

  13. 8:25, down from 8:55 June of 2010

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