Friday Workout: Fight Gone Bad Time Priority & Saturday Schedule

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Power Clean (3-3-3-3-3, 60 to 70%, rest interval 60 seconds)


3 Rounds of the following

  • 25 Wall-ball, 10 ft target ( 20# / 14#)
  • 25 Deadlift high-pull ( 75#/55#)
  • 25 Box jump ( 20″ for both)
  • 25 Push-press (75#/55#)
  • 25 Row (Calories)

Reminder: Friday only has a 5:30PM afternoon class.

Saturday Schedule

8AM Makeup


11AM Makeup

12 Noon Oly Lifting

41 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Fight Gone Bad Time Priority & Saturday Schedule

  1. So how does FGB work? I read on the CrossFit site that you get a minute to do as many reps as possible at each station with a minute of rest between rounds. Are we doing that or is the 25 in front of each movement the number of reps we need to do?

    1. Joe what you read is FGB. This is like FGB on crack. We call it ‘practice’. It’ll be funsies.

      1. Ahh… I didn’t realize that “practice” in CrossFit Talk translates to “Epic Pain Fest” in the common tongue. I agree, it will certainly be funsies.

  2. Fight Gone Bad is 3rds. of 5 min. with each minute split into a different movement, followed by 1 min. of rest at the end of each round so:

    3 rds.
    1st min. Wall-ball
    2nd min. Sumo Deadlift High-Pull
    3rd min. Box jump
    4th min. Push-press
    5th min. Row (for calories)
    Rest (1 min.)

    Score = Total number of reps for all rds.

    20 reps of each exercise per min. looks like: 20 reps x 5 min. x 3 rds. = Score of 300 reps
    Of course, scores may not be such a round number 🙂

    Here’s a link from mainsite for more info:

    FGB is a time-priority WOD meaning a portion of time dictates the end of a set or round.
    For ‘practice’ 🙂 we are making it a task priority. Instead of changing stations at the end of a min., we will change stations at the end of the number of reps prescribed.


    25 reps x 5 stations x 3 rds. = Score of 375 reps

    Should be interesting.

    FGB was created for BJ Penn, a world renown and all-around badass UFC fighter, to prepare him for his fights. UFC fights are 3 (or 5) 5 min. rds. with 1 min. of rest between rds. Hence, the structure of the WOD.

  3. PC: 77#
    WOD: 19:23 (rounds of 20, #67)

  4. PC: 77#
    WOD: 18:55 (rounds of 20, #55, #14WB)
    A very long 19 minutes…

  5. PC: 89 lbs. WOD: 24:48 rx.

  6. PC: 89#
    WOD: 26:20 RX (57#, added a 10kilo plate to the 18″ box)

  7. PC: 55#
    WOD: 24:41 (20 reps each, DLHP: 55#, PP: 40#, WB: 14#, 12″ box)

  8. Gretchen Kittelberger September 10, 2010 — 6:47 pm

    20:07 RX

  9. PC: 57
    WOD: 24:36 (1st round prescribed, 2nd and 3rd did 15 reps of DLHP and 20 of PP)

    Back issues today… so I took it light 🙁

  10. Couldn’t make it in because a meeting ran late… tried to replicate the long met con suck-factor at home

    Four rounds:
    350(ish)m run
    25 burpees


    practiced pistols after

  11. Ugh.

    WOD: 15 reps, 14# bal, 35# weight, 18″ box

    I couldn’t do the power cleans today …

    1. Err … I left off my time: 23:17.

  12. 25:33 rx
    pc: 89#

  13. PC: 105
    WOD: 24:43 rx – that was terrible. i think i can officially call anything overhead a weakness.

  14. WOD: 24:56 w/37# SDHP and PP, 10# wb, 20 reps
    still feel bad, skipped power cleans after WOD

  15. at CrossFit RVA

    3-3-3 Front Squat 225#

    10 Min. AMRAP of
    -15 box jumps
    – 10 hog pushups
    – 5 toes to bar
    2 reps short of 9 rounds.

  16. Saturday, didn’t have one to makeup, so took one from mainsite…
    5 rounds:
    250m row
    10 front squats @89#
    15 ghd situps
    20 box jumps, 20″


    thanks dave j for the encouragement!

    1. if you didn’t have one to make up, does that mean you did 6 WOD’s in a row? hmm… 😀

    2. Something you get away with only once in a blue moon.

  17. WOD: 13:13 (15 Reps, 10# WB, 35# SDHP/PP, 12″ Box)
    Landon agreed I should have gone 20 reps. Oh well, it still was an ass kicking.

    Worked on Power Clean form with 35# Bar, but didn’t have time to get weights on it…

  18. 26:11 Rx
    That was terrible, probably should have drank and eaten more during day. No PC.

  19. Saturday O-lifting

    C&J — no PR attempts for me today. Just started at 89# and did a couple reps at that and then at 10# interval increases working on form on both the clean (not arching back, bending knees, quick elbows) and the jerk (bend the back knee hahahaha). Stopped at 121# and it was feeling pretty good.

    Snatch Pulls 3×3: 89# (again just working on explosiveness and form — not leading with hips)

  20. WOD: 24:56 (30#, 6# ball, 18″ box)

  21. C+J single on Saturday: 170 (PR)

  22. C+J Single: 209

    My technique on split jerk is slowly improving. It is still my weakest element in all of x-fit.

  23. 17:49 on FGB Rx

    1. I cannot wait to see your score come Sept. 25!!!

    2. sick time dude

  24. Making up Friday on the road:
    115# PC

    WOD: 28:30, 40# db thrusters(no wall balls at this gym) rx everything else

  25. 5k run around Tampa Bay!! 30-something minutes, plus a near heat stroke, but running by the water was totally worth it!

  26. 67 #PC (1st time with this lift)

    FGB 24:39 with 57# SDHP, PP 1st round, shifted to 35 # on PP 2nd, 3rd round, 14# WallBall

    35# then 45# HPS (1st time with this lift)

    1. We did a 250m run instead of the rowing since the rower were in use.

  27. PC: 60KG
    WOD: 20:01 subbed ~250m run for 25 cal. row

    1. Did 5×5 instead of 3×5 for PCs

  28. At CrossFit Morristown in NJ for a CrossFit Endurance certification… we did “Death by 10 Meters” at the end of the day.

    Shuttle run style, run 10 m the 1st min, 20 m the 2nd, and so forth until you don’t finish the run. I got 17 rounds plus some change.

    Lots of fun running drills this weekend! 5k PR time coming up.

  29. Worked out at Crossfit Oldtown in Alexandria. They charged me a $20 drop-in and were all wearing normal tennis shoes except one trainer who had on nike frees. So funny that they seemed like the weird ones to me…nice location though

    We did a fgb prep

    I did 20:09 for 1 round of

    500 M row
    50 Wallballs (14# which killed me but they had nothing lighter)
    50 High pull with kettleball (35#)
    50 Box jumps (20″)
    50 Push press (35#)
    500 M row

    also my rowing form was noticeably much better than people there– thanks for all the great instruction I’ve been getting trainers!

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