New Membership System: What You Need to Know

We are transitioning over to MindBody which is a web-based gym membership management system.  Our old system, Freshbooks, worked great for us initially, but didn’t serve our needs as it was just an invoicing system.  With MindBody, we can do a lot of cool things like integrate our schedule, process swiped credit card payments, track membership visits, offer unique options, organize our training schedule and use the reports to make your experience in the gym better.
Transitioning to a new system is never painless, so here’s the deal.

Starting on Monday, in order to participate in a class, you must hold a valid CrossFit Charlottesville membership and a keytag which you will use to log in to the class you attend. It’s pretty much a big deal.  Trainers will check the class roster before they begin class.  You won’t be able to attend class if you don’t have a valid membership.

If you already have a membership keytag, you don’t need to worry about membership status.

On Ramp Program Participants don’t need to worry about checking in.

If you prepaid for membership (6 month or 3 month prepays), your membership has been activated in our new system. We have folders with your keycards that you can pick up from the office.  You are already assigned a keycard and your membership information has been transferred.

If you are on a monthly plan, we now require a credit card be auto billed each month.  That credit card needs to be swiped in the gym.  We will stop any auto recurring credit card payments from our old system.  You must come in with a credit card and setup everything with a trainer. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get things setup. You must sign a new contract.

Your membership rates will stay the same and you can renew at your existing prior rate.

Mind Body Main Page/Schedule (create your account here):

Any questions/comments/concerns?

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