Thursday Workout: Press, Squat


5-5-5-5-5 Back Squat (same weight as Tuesday; weights will increase in future weeks, no changing weights in the middle of sets, 60 seconds between sets)


5-5-5-5-5 Shoulder Press (5 pounds heavier than last week, 65 seconds between sets, no changing weights)

Extra Credit WOD

3 Rounds

  • 10 C2B Pullups
  • Walk Around Building, Farmers Cary

*Extra Credit WODs are not required. Do them on your own (as long as you don’t interfere with the rest of the class). Trainers will not coach you through the WOD or time you. These WODs are NOT to be done after the last class in the morning or the evening**

34 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Press, Squat

  1. BS: 121#
    SP: 72#
    WOD: 8:30 (RBPUs, 45#)

  2. BS: 133#
    SP: 67#
    E.C. WOD? Ha.

    1. Couple unrelated notes but of interest to some…

      1. I read a LOT of food blogs (a LOT a lot) and just a second ago came across this new baby that I thought I’d share. The link is set to Paleo/Primal but you can search by season, type of dish, GL, vegan, vegetarian… etc.
      Also ask me about my super delicious super simple 15 minute chicken curry I whipped up last night after some last minute additions to a dish I cook often (chicken with turmeric). Yeah. It’s amazing. And fast. And delicious.

      2. ATTN ladies sizes 8-12: see that green bag with the frog on it next to the gong? Yeah well it has clothes in it that I am giving away. To you. Please go through it and take what you want. PLEASE. Otherwise I’m taking it to Duo and then you’ll have to pay for it.

      1. Sounds like a good Sunday recipe post…

      2. hahah I have a recipe document… which actually needs some serious updating.


  3. Bs: 133#
    sp: 50#
    no wod…

  4. BS: 185#
    SP: 85#

    Could go up on both

  5. bs 111, sp 72 (have a race on Saturday so kept it light)

    1. Good luck on Saturday!!

  6. bs: 121#
    sp: 60#

  7. BS: 167#
    SP: 111#

    EC WOD: 14:55 / 45#

  8. BS: 65

    Did a super light BS because I was at home with no rack and had to clean it from the ground and get it over my head. That, and every muscle in my body hurt from the last two WODs. Ok, maybe not my forehead. Bonus for doing it at home is I get to lay on the bed between sets!

    1. A great sub would have been front squats which sounds much safer also.

  9. 167/82
    wod: 13:55, 45#kbs

  10. BS 99#, SP 67#

  11. BS: 94#
    SP: 40#

    no e.c. yay!

  12. BS: 94#
    SP: 50#

  13. EC alone this am 11:11 45#

  14. BS 94#
    SP 40#

    EC WOD 12:00 w/35#kbs and Blue Band PUs

  15. BS 182#

    SP 99# on 4th set failed on 5 and on 5th set failed on 4.

  16. no BS due to earlier bike ride (excuses)
    SP- @55#- 5, 5, 4,
    @50# 4, 3

  17. BS @ 177
    SP @ 99

    Bonus WOD = OUCH!

    1. *That was with #42 KBs for the WOD

  18. BS: 160lbs.
    SP: 95lbs.

  19. BS: 99#
    SP: 67#
    No extra credit for me.

  20. BS: 116# (feel much more solid. Landon gave a good new cue for head position – look at the york barbell label at bottom of the rack, but make sure chest still stays up.)

    SP: 67#

    1. Kim, I find starning at my own cleavage (er… trying to at least) helps keep my head neutral and my chest up during back squats. Just sayin’. It works.

      1. …er “staring”* not “starning.” No idea what ‘starning’ is.

  21. BS: 121#
    SP: 72# (started with 77#, failed on 5th rep)
    Done on Saturday make-up.
    Olympic lifting 67# power snatch.

  22. 133#, 60#, no e.c. wod.

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