Thursday Workout: Backsquat and Press


5-5-5-5-5 Backsquat (same as Monday, 70 seconds between sets)

5-5-5-5-5 Shoulder Press (5 pounds heavier than last week, 75 seconds between sets, no changing weights)

Extra Credit WOD

Carry Someone to the Stop Sign and Back for Time. If a person is too heavy, carry a sandbag.

Extra Credit WODs are not for the morning class and shouldn’t be done after the last class in the evening. Do them on your own, so long as you don’t disrupt the regular class.

32 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Backsquat and Press

  1. Don’t know who that is in the picture, but I do know who has to work on his flexibility! What a contrast!

    Loaded and unloaded trailers of trash most of the day. Not for time, but it was still a good test of functional fitness – and the ability to control my gag reflex when I dropped it off at the dump!

  2. BS: 138#
    SP: 72#

    post-WOD 5k by the river (working on POSE technique): 24:43
    (PR by 2:57… must have been the comfy new Nike running capris 😀 )

    1. Elizabeth, can you show me some basics of POSE technique sometime?

      1. I *could* but you’d be MUCH better off asking Kyle or Chris G.! They know what they’re talking about way more than I do.

      2. But Melly, until you seek their expert advice, read this short short article:

    2. awesome pr!!

    3. That PR is sweeter than my coffee this morning!

      1. Splendaaaaaa

  3. BS: 165lbs.
    SP: 101lbs.

  4. backsquat 155#, shoulder press 82#

  5. BS: 209#
    SP: got 155×5 first round, only x4 the second, so did two more at 138×5

    Alex and I did some of the extra credit – she carried me out and around the corner to the back entrance to the building and back, and I carried her from there around the building. Being on her back was more uncomfortable – sharp shoulders! – than carrying her, but she also carried the same weight I did!

    See you all Saturday, get those donations up!

  6. BS: 101#
    SP: 57# (maybe should have gone heavier?)

  7. BS: 133#
    SP: 89#

  8. BS: 200#
    SP: 90#

  9. BS77#
    SP 50 but failed on the 5th rep of 5th set…boo.

  10. BS 99#
    SP 67#

  11. Bs 126#
    sp 60#

    ec wod 4:17 @ 52#

  12. BS 99#
    SP 45#
    EC 4:28 w/42# Sandbag

  13. BS: 111#
    SP: 50#
    EC WOD: 8:05 @ 52# (+ 30 burpees for coming in last)

  14. no backsquats (sharp pain in IT band?); 45# SP
    extra credit: 4:05 (?) with a #32 sandbag

  15. BS: 177
    SP: 116

    EC WOD: untimed w/ 65#

  16. BS: 99
    SP: 45 <– felt easier/better than I thought it would

  17. @ Home
    BS: 130#
    SP: 80#

  18. BS: 99#
    SP: 55#

  19. BS: 155# SP: 105#
    WOD: 5:20 52#

  20. BS: 160#
    SP: 82#

    ec WOD: 6:28? 54#

  21. Forgot to post, did this at UVA last Sat.

    Squat 125#

    SP: 70#

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