Survey Results

Thanks for giving us feedback on our latest survey.  Overall we are doing a great job and will keep getting better.

Here are responses:

Class Times – We most likely will add an early afternoon class starting in a few weeks. It won’t be everyday, but probably just early in the week.  We are thinking about adding another Friday class time as well. More details on this stuff in the future.

Recipe Posts – You can access all the recipe posts by clicking on recipe on the bottom of a recipe post, by clicking on Recipe Posts under nutrition on the sidebar or by going here.

Equipment – We can’t fit any more squat racks, so we’re going to have to share. Changing plates is a functional movement and part of your training; so is the grip strength required to move clips.  Set the squat rack height for the shortest person so you don’t have to adjust the height.  We have a few more kettlebells coming in, but you can always use dumbbells and you get the same stimulus.

Showers – I thought you guys were tough?  Kidding.  Not sure why there is no hot water, we’ll look into it.

Music – Please make pandora stations for us or send us a mix.  We’re more than happy to use them.

Old Posts – There is a search bar on the right side and you can search for any named workout or movement.

2 thoughts on “Survey Results

  1. Excited for the early afternoon class

  2. Haven’t been with you folks long, and as i didn’t get a chance to participate in the survey, i have one suggestion that might be cool. At my previous crossfit gym, we had a digital clock that served as a timer/countdown for the WODs. Something similar to what’s found here: It was always helpful to be able to reference the timer quickly to establish pace and constantly monitor performance during the WOD.

    Not sure if ya’ll have talked about it, but i thought i’d share something that has been helpful to me in the past!

    An inline water cooler might be cool too…One investment yields an unlimited supply of cold water!

    Ok just my two cents. Thanks for running a top notch establishment! I’m thoroughly impressed and loving the WODs!

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