Tuesday Workout: Deadlifts and Power Snatches


5 Rep Deadlifts Unbroken, 5-10 Pounds Heavier than Last Week


10 Minute AMRAP

  • 4 Power Snatches (99# / 77#, sub is overhead squats if you don’t have a good snatch)
  • 15 Air Squats

31 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Deadlifts and Power Snatches

  1. DL 143#
    WOD 14 Rnds + 8 Squats (37#)

    …Probably could go a little higher on the weight, but I wasn’t sure about snatches

  2. #177 deadlifts- either did too many warm up reps or was just off today- didn’t push it either.

    9rds + 4 snatches @67lbs

  3. DL: 150 (PR!!)

    WOD- “Holy mother of jello legs” should be the actual name

    Subbed OHS at 15# which I guess seems light but I was worried about my form when I went higher.

    9 rounds + 1 OHS- I did the OHS slowly to keep form

    • allllmost forget the almost awesomeness on the ring dip progress report:

      Today I finally succeeded in pushing myself up to be fully locked out on the rings out of a jumping muscle-up. And then I did it two more times. And then I couldn’t do it any more. But as of last week I couldn’t do it once to save my life. Yayyy!!! Still can’t do an actual ring dip, though 😦

  4. 1st real WOD and 1st post… what’s up everybody?? (*crickets chirping*)

    DL: 199#, but I think I’m going to do a little less than that next time. It’s better to start too light, than too heavy… Mark Rippetoe would be proud of me for showing such restraint.

    WOD: 8 rounds? 9 rounds? @ 88#

  5. DL: 209# (felt solid this time, go up to 214# next week)

    WOD: 8 rounds + 3 snatches Rx (snatches got uggggglllly)

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