Wednesday Workout: JT


21-15-9 of

  • Handstand push-ups
  • Ring Dips
  • Push-ups

Scale as necessary. Compare to 3/7.


Test: Wrist/Shoulder integration in the racked back squat bar (a broomstick will do)

Mob: Spend 3 min each arm messing with the two position in the video.

Re-test: Can you get tighter on the rack set up? Are your arms narrower? Are you doing less of the broken wrist limbo?

See this post.

34 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: JT

  1. 12:02 (+0:02 since March, but less scaling this time)

    HSPU: 1 abmat +5 kilo plate for round 1, then added a 2.5# plate for rounds 2 & 3 (in March I used 2 abmats +5 kilo plate)
    RD: red band (same in March, but MUCH easier this time — my last 9 were unbroken)
    PU: Rx (in March I did knee push-ups)

  2. 9:28 (2 abmat HSPU, red band ring dips, regular pushups), PR by 3 minutes!

    when I did this at Hammerdown crossfit in June I got 12:31 (2 abmat HSPU/negatives/just trying to get up in a handstand by the end, 2 skinny orange band ring dips, regular pushups)

  3. @ CrossFit Munich

    3-3-2 deadlift @ 140 kilos


    10 rounds @ 40 kilos of
    1 clean
    2 front squats
    3 thrusters
    4 jerk
    5 burpees

    12:28 RX

  4. WOD: 6:50 RX’d – near complete shoulder failure starting with the first round of push ups, crazy!

    Made up yesterday’s DLs – 331 x 5

  5. 12:02 (24″ box HSPU, 16 regular ring dips then red band for the rest, regular push-ups)

  6. 14:32 (box HSPU with two 20k on top, red band ring dips, some regular push up’s but mostly knees)

  7. Just started (moved from District Crossfit in DC)!

    Box, blue band dips, knee pushups


  8. Tuesday’s deadlifts: worked up to 5 at 248#

    then 8 min AMRAP of:
    5 HSPU (1 abmat)
    10 one-legged squats

    6 rounds + HSPU’s

  9. 17:36 with 2 abmats. Did this in 14:06 in March using 2 abmats +10kg plate for 1st round and box HSPU for the other rounds – I guess that’s an improvement.

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