Wednesday Workout: JT


21-15-9 of

  • Handstand push-ups
  • Ring Dips
  • Push-ups

Scale as necessary. Compare to 3/7.


Test: Wrist/Shoulder integration in the racked back squat bar (a broomstick will do)

Mob: Spend 3 min each arm messing with the two position in the video.

Re-test: Can you get tighter on the rack set up? Are your arms narrower? Are you doing less of the broken wrist limbo?

See this post.

34 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: JT

  1. 12:02 (+0:02 since March, but less scaling this time)

    HSPU: 1 abmat +5 kilo plate for round 1, then added a 2.5# plate for rounds 2 & 3 (in March I used 2 abmats +5 kilo plate)
    RD: red band (same in March, but MUCH easier this time — my last 9 were unbroken)
    PU: Rx (in March I did knee push-ups)

  2. 9:08 (box HSPU, box dips, knee PU)


  3. 9:28 (2 abmat HSPU, red band ring dips, regular pushups), PR by 3 minutes!

    when I did this at Hammerdown crossfit in June I got 12:31 (2 abmat HSPU/negatives/just trying to get up in a handstand by the end, 2 skinny orange band ring dips, regular pushups)

    1. I hope you smacked that gong!

    2. Girl, you killed it!

    3. thanks! you rocked it too Elizabeth!
      it was too early in the morning for the gong! 🙂

  4. 9:58 (box HSPU and dips, knee push-ups)

    First class out of on ramp.

  5. 9:58 (box HSPU and dips, knee pushups)

    First class after completing on ramp.

  6. @ CrossFit Munich

    3-3-2 deadlift @ 140 kilos


    10 rounds @ 40 kilos of
    1 clean
    2 front squats
    3 thrusters
    4 jerk
    5 burpees

    12:28 RX

  7. WOD (Modified): 15-12-9 of HSPU (1 ab mat), regular dips, pushups – 14:55

    1. nice that’s a solid handstand pushup for you ! you’re getting stronger.

  8. 16:30 Rx. HSPU’s are the the bain of my existence.

  9. 15:58 VERY modified

    HSPU kneeling on a tall box
    Box dips
    modified Push ups

  10. 10:31, box hspu’s, knee pu’s

  11. 9:12 (box HSPU, band ring dips, regular push ups)

  12. WOD: 12:34 (box hspu, box dips, knees)

  13. WOD: 6:50 RX’d – near complete shoulder failure starting with the first round of push ups, crazy!

    Made up yesterday’s DLs – 331 x 5

  14. 8:59 (box HSPU, box dips, knee pu)

  15. 15:53 Rx (PR -1:55)

  16. 12:02 (24″ box HSPU, 16 regular ring dips then red band for the rest, regular push-ups)

  17. 14:32 (box HSPU with two 20k on top, red band ring dips, some regular push up’s but mostly knees)

  18. 10:03 (Box HSPU, ring dip toes, knee p/u)

  19. 10:14 2 abmat hspu, box2box dips, reg. push=ups

  20. Just started (moved from District Crossfit in DC)!

    Box, blue band dips, knee pushups


  21. Tuesday’s deadlifts: worked up to 5 at 248#

    then 8 min AMRAP of:
    5 HSPU (1 abmat)
    10 one-legged squats

    6 rounds + HSPU’s

  22. hello new people! I can’t wait to meet you next week.

  23. 18:29 (1 ambat for HSPU)… maybe should have scaled more?

  24. 17:36 with 2 abmats. Did this in 14:06 in March using 2 abmats +10kg plate for 1st round and box HSPU for the other rounds – I guess that’s an improvement.

  25. 17:something. 1 ab mat for round 1, 2 for rest. It was ugly.

  26. 14:14 box HSPUs, box dips, knee PUs

  27. 12:02 (box HSPUs, box dips, knee PUs)

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