Thursday Workout: Shoulder Press & Backsquat


Press 5-5-5-5-5 (5 to 10 pounds heavier than last week, 80 seconds rest)

Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (same as Monday)

Extra Credit WOD

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able. Scale to ring rows.

Extra credit wods are uncoached, so time them yourself. Not to be done in morning or after last class in the evening.

32 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Shoulder Press & Backsquat

  1. BS: 143#
    SP: 74#

  2. bs: 170#
    sp: 89#

    tried some muscle-ups on the minute… got to round 4

  3. Squat: 219# – felt good, but can’t wait for my Blue Belt of Power to come in the mail!

    Press: 148 x4 – not fun after all of yesterday’s pushing!

    Pullups: 14+10 – this is 2 full rounds less than the last time I did this. I need to do more pullups!

    1. are you still doing non kipping pullups brah?

      1. The RX’d on this one was strict pullups, so that’s what I did! Butterflies would have changed the whole equation!

        And to answer the question, unless it is C2B or strength day, I do butterflies thanks very much!

        See you on Tuesday sucka!

  4. Gretchen Kittelberger September 30, 2010 — 5:26 pm

    Max snatch: 131# (121, 126, & 131 were all really fugly)

    Max C&J: 155#

    Max Front Squat: 175# (5# PR)

  5. BS: 67#
    SP: 35#
    EC: 9 rounds + 6 RRs

  6. BS: 133
    SP: 67

  7. BS 104#
    SP 45#
    EC 8 Rnds + 5 RRs

  8. BS: 111#
    SP: 55#
    DL: 177# (make up WOD)

    And…. 9 DUs in a row during warm-up! A new PR!!! (Previous was 3). Excited beyond words…

    1. totally awesome PR

  9. BS: 231
    SP: 116

  10. BS: 89
    SP: 50
    EC: 8 rounds, kipping

    Still tired from the race. Was reasonably happy with the EC wod though.

  11. BS: 182
    SP: 92
    EC: 15 rds + 10 pullups

    1. ec was kipping because i didn’t see a need to make that any harder

  12. bs: 133#
    sp: 65#
    ec wod: kipping, 10 rounds i think, i don’t know, i got bored and stopped.

  13. BS: 111#
    SP: 67#

  14. Squat: 231
    Press: 94 cause I’m an idiot and can’t do math (although it explains why it felt so easy)

    16 rds + 11 pullups on the bonus WOD…one of my favorites

  15. BS: 72#
    SP: 35/40#

  16. @JMU with KIN 421 Student (a class to learn how to be a personal trainer; I am the volunteer trainee)

    Initial testing:
    Bench Press 5 rep max 5×4 @ 100#, 120#, 140#, 155# (last year’s one rep max was 140#)
    Leg Press 5 rep max 5×5 @ 240#, 280#, 320#, 360#, 400# (last year’s one rep max was 400#)
    25 sort of sit up (upper cap of this test is 25)
    35 push ups (to arms parallel to ground – yesterday’s workout didn’t help here, still a bit sore)
    Skin fold measurement/body composition
    YMCA bike test (to estimate VO2 max)
    Sit and reach (flexibility measurement)
    Pulse and blood pressure several times

    And, I am convincing my student trainer to come to a free session at CrossFit (“what is that” he said originally – now he is psyched and wants to try it)

    1. hopefully he’ll stop making you do leg presses 🙂

      1. Only done for initial and final testing (I will steer him towards back squats).

  17. BS: 95#
    Press: 2@45 followed by 3 at 39 (my arms just failed after yesterday’s workout)…

  18. On the road in China:
    no squat rack in the hotel gym, looking for alternate gym, did front squats instead
    FS: 133 5×5
    SP: 89#

  19. BS – 177
    SP – 89
    still feeling a little beat up

    EC – 9 rounds + 7 strict pull ups

  20. @Home on Friday
    SP: 90# Fail on last rep on last set
    BS: 140#

  21. BS: 155#
    SP: 99#
    EC: 6 rounds plus a few. I need to work on my kipping technique and grip almost as bad as I need to work on my DU technique and hamstring flexibility… yikes.

  22. BS 133lbs. SP 82lbs. EC: strict PU 7 rounds + 4.

  23. Made up on Saturday:
    BS: 99#
    SP: 45#
    EC: red band pullups – 8 rounds plus 8

    felt like craaaaap after travel “adventure”

  24. BS: 135#
    SP: 75# (failed on 5th rep on 4th and 5th sets)

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