7 thoughts on “New Schedule Starts Monday

  1. Progression using the tall snatch to maximize the third pull under the bar. Need to work on keeping the feet closer for the landing and sitting back more when receiving the bar, but still pretty happy!

    Hang Squat Snatch: 153#

    1. yeaahhhh I’d be happy, too

  2. Oly class: progression with tall (full) snatch which after more weight became (really) high hang (full) snatch — worked up to 84# until I failed with that on my 4th rep. Oh man what a mental game of dropping under the bar! I, too, still need to not be so wide on my landing stance.

  3. Worked on a 37# Snatch
    Flexibility improvements needed like whoa

  4. w/ CrossFit Munich @ Olympic Park

    5 Rounds

    130 Meter Death Hill Run on the hills that were built from rubble from WW2 (it must have been 500 feet elevation gain)
    20 KB Swings @ 24kilos
    20 pushups
    20 situps


    1. God! That looks awful! Safe travels dude.

  5. w/ Crossfit Munich@ Olympic Park

    22:35 KB Swings @ 25#

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