Upcoming Events: New On Ramp & Nutrition Challenge and Running Cycle

The curent strength cycle ends on Friday and the running cycle starts on Monday.  We will end the running cycle on December 11th to coincide with a 5k Race that we want you to do. We will work up to a CrossFit Total on the 18th of this Month.

Our new On Ramp Class Starts on Monday at 6PM. Please tell your friends. You need to sign up online!

Our nutrition challenge starts on Monday at 8PM. The event is free and open to the public. You need to register online and we encourage anyone to come even if they aren’t a member.

December 11th – Freedom 5k Running Race – Yes you all have to do it and it’s only $15 or $20 with a shirt. I promised them at least 20 of you would show up so they would put CrossFit Charlottesville on the T-Shirts, so we better have a good showing.  We’ll also be training for this race, so please register ASAP! [Register Here]

January 22nd and 23rd –SuperFit Games – Our huge, locally hosted CrossFit-style competition fundraiser. Last year we had an amazing turnout and this year will be even bigger. Expect big names and big prizes for the winners. If you aren’t competing, we could really use some volunteers. [Facebook Page]

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