36 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Cindy

    1. Woot rocking the PUs!!! No more red band for you 😀

  1. 11 rds rx
    After 8 rds, finally able to do a halfway decent kipping pullup.

  2. @Hotel in Amman
    Cindy: 12 rounds +5 pull-ups +10 push-ups RX

    After I was done and lying on the floor recovering, a guy who needed a bar from the machine I was under said to me in English “those CrossFit workouts are tough.” He didn’t ask me to get up, but I did, cleaned up my sweat angel, and left.

    Last night in Amman; off to Petra and Wadi Rum early in the morning – must be a day of rest.

    1. You are going to have a blast. One full day of roaming around Petra should be a WOD for sure.

      1. Yes, I was a bit quick on declaring the rest day(s); Petra was a 4 mile hike and Wadi Rum was an hike that included a climb up to the source of Lawrence’s spring. Lots of interesting history to see.

    2. Amman…I’m so jealous. Props to hitting a wod on the road, I get lazy when I travel

    3. I want to go to Petra so badly! My only chance was back in January 2003 and I would have been traveling alone so everyone advised against it. I still regret not going.

    1. nice work buddy! where are you doing these WODs without freaking people out?

      1. (I am assuming this comment was meant for me) I did the workout in the weight room at Le Royal Hotel. It had free weights and a split pull-up bar on a larger machine. I just carved out my space to do the workouts (moved the barbell or dumbbell near where I needed them). I did get some funny looks and had to “ask” someone to wait on a machine once since I was using it for pull-ups; they only had to delay a couple of minutes. There may have been looks, but I just kept playing the “crazy American” and put everything away when I was done. There was plenty of room and I didn’t interfere very much at all. The free coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea machine was nice (and the sauna, steam room, two pools – salted and un-salted -, the hot tubs, several showers, and masseuses were nice too – not that I used any of them ;-).

  3. 15 plus PU’s
    (jumping PU’s)

  4. 24 rounds + 5 PUs

  5. 13 rounds + 7PUs (RRs, KPUs)

  6. 14 Rnds + 11 Squats (RRs, KPUs)

    So close to 15 rounds… kind of annoyed I didn’t push that little bit more

  7. 17 rds. Gongggg!

  8. 17 rounds plus 11 squats (ring rows, knee pushups)

  9. BS: 5×5 @ 200
    incline BP: 3×5 @ 115
    WOD: 13 rds rx (10 minutes)

  10. 16 rounds + Pull ups Rx

  11. 14 rounds +7 kpu (rr and kpu)

  12. 21 rds 5 pulls, Rx. I love this wod, as grinding as it is…Cindy was my first (i did half-cindy that day, think I got 7 or 8 rounds, using blue band for pullups, and was ready to die)

  13. 8 rounds (RR, KPU) + 5 RR.

  14. 13 rounds, 5 ring rows, 2 kpus
    And when I got home I couldn’t lift my arms above my head to wash my hair. Ouch!

  15. 14 rounds RX (PR by 4.5 rounds)


  16. 15 rnds RX

    Elizabeth is da bomb dot com

  17. 18 rounds + 5 RRs (RR, knee pu)

  18. 16 rounds Rx + 1 huge hole in my hand

    (thanks for the first aid assistance Elizabeth <3)

    1. Happy to Mother you! If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to take care of a blister on the hand (besides, I had my own practice earlier that morning)!

  19. 17 rounds + 8 squats rx’d. PR by 3 rounds thanks to vastly improved kipping (altho pushup ability remains stagnant)

  20. Made it up today

    30 5 10 6

    PR by 4

  21. 14rd +4 blue band

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