Gymnastics Warmup Cycle

Based on the success of other boxes, mainly CrossFit Blacksburg, we’ll be implementing a gymnastics warmup program starting Tuesday through the end of the year. The goal of this warmup is to get you familiar with the fundamentals of the CrossFit gymnastics moves and to develop the skill and strength to move up in levels.

Importantly, the warmups take about 15 to 20 minutes and vary depending on your abilities.  You alternate between two warmups so if you miss days it doesn’t matter. The warmups will be observed and we will coach so you have a basic understanding of how the warmup works.  We want you to be able to warm up these skills by yourself.

The warmups will be on the board starting tomorrow.

If you have access to the journal, you can read the article here.



No requirements. Everyone can start here.

Intermediate Minus

3 dead-hang pull-ups, handstand (against a wall), 3 ring dips, overhead squat x 15 reps (45/33 lb. for men and women, respectively).


1 muscle-up (kipping, partial ROM), partial HSPU (against a wall).


1 muscle-up (dead-hang, full ROM), HSPU (full ROM, against a wall), pistol.


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