Tuesday Workout: Run 5K

No 7PM Class on Tuesday.



Gymnastics Warmup


Run 5K (2 Laps)

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=100031075923259486242.000492eaed4d881e86ced&ll=38.024819,-78.462081&spn=0.008114,0.013733&z=16&iwloc=000492eaf58d678f46549&output=embed&w=600&h=350%5D

Compare to 4.29.

59 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Run 5K

  1. Trainers-

    First I am very excited about this b/c there is OH SO MUCH in this that I need to work on.

    I have a few questions. First…below is the basic Day 1 and Day 2 from the article. Is this exactly what the box will be doing? Any suggestions for what I could sub for the ring push up (no rings at gym in Roanoke) ? My thought was may a bench incline push up in that it would force me to stabilize my core and push. Everything else I can do except I’ll have to use a free weight instead of a kettle bell.

    Also just wondering if there will be an 8AM on Saturday and If so can I make up the Total at that time?


    day 1
    Upper-body pressing
    5 sets of: 1. Kickuptohandstandx3attempts 2. Ring push-ups x 5 3. Tripod/frog stand x 10 seconds
    3 sets of:
    1. Overheadsquatsx10reps (men’s/women’s bar, training Bar, PVC)
    2. Kettlebell deadlifts x 10 reps (24/16 kg)
    Notes: Kicking up to the handstand may result in a handstand. If not, try kicking up harder and harder every session while keeping the elbows locked out and the head between the hands. To make ring push-ups easier, move the rings forward of perpendicular to the floor, ensuring the angle you create makes the exercise moderately challenging yet not impossible. The tripod is a basic headstand with knees resting on the elbows. In case of a prior neck injury, skip this step altogether. If the tripod is too easy, perform a frog stand.
    day 2
    Upper-body pulling
    5 sets of:
    1. Kipattemptsx3
    2. Dead-hang pull-ups x 5 (band assisted if necessary)
    Core/low back
    3 sets of: 1. TuckL-hangx10seconds 2. Kettlebell swings x 10 (16/12 kg)
    Notes: Kip attempts will take the athlete as high as possible, and height will be minimal if the athlete isn’t strong enough. Expect nose-to-bar/chin-to-bar if the athlete is well along in developing the pull-up, chest-to-bar/belly-button-to-bar if the athlete should be at the next level but isn’t for whatever reason. Perform the tuck L-hang to the best of the trainee’s ability. Ultimately, the knees should be level with hips. If not, keep training till it’s

    1. I think the ring pushups are going to do a lot more for stability especially since you are putting your body weight over them. Dips are probably better than incline bench, but if a dip bar isn’t around then go ahead and do the bench.

  2. Sorry for neglecting to mention two laps on the run route, although 10 minute 5ks would be nice.

    1. lol minor detail 🙂

  3. darn… the morning class did not get the memo to run 2 laps…

  4. First run in Pensacola. Done while the Blue Angels were practicing above me. Kinda hard to concentrate, haha.

    As rx’d: 24:07……except there was a 2 min stop there because a rather large unfriendly dog started chasing me and I had to stop and do the whole “slowly back away…good doggy, good doggy” thing

    1. bah, excuses. you should have been able to out run the dog!

    2. We call that intervals or a sprint point.

  5. 11:53, one lap

  6. 11:28 for the not quite 5k.

    1. I’d rather run a not quite 5k…

  7. noon class CrossFail as well… 4.2 km in 18:07 for me.

    1. all we are doing is making a big square from the corner where the gym is and running it twice.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  8. Noon CrossFail 4.2k…I’m passing the buck to Ben. Sorry. 22:00

  9. Motivation fail; nap win. But I ran this a month ago (Sept. 23, and a true 5k — no distance fail) in 24:43. Perhaps I’ll run it again this weekend for another time trial.

    1. Okay made this up on Saturday with some new tips from Chris G (keep these coming!!!) —
      23:02 (PR -1:41!)

      Almost died on the last 1.2 miles, though.

  10. still no running for me, subbed 2000m row (first attempt ever): 9:04
    I have a feeling this 5K training cycle is going to make me hate rowing…

  11. Intermediate with pistol help

    5k 21:05

  12. ROW: 23:10 (5k)

  13. 31:26 (39:54 last time…not that it was a tough benchmark to beat, but still.)

  14. 31:03
    Turns out my route was 3/10 of a mile shy of a 5K. So while the time was not even close to stellar, I ran the first half (1.4 miles) without stopping. A PR for me. Seriously.

  15. 32:34

    Btw I left my ipod there, did you find a pink ipod?

  16. 22:03 and the city route is more than a little hilly also.

  17. Basic Gymnastics… didn’t get the hand stand, froggy thing was weird… ring PUs FTW!

    27:19… really happy that I didn’t stop 🙂

  18. 22:05 cramping!

    1. I won’t ask what was cramping Kyle…. HA!

  19. 35:57.

    Did I turn in the slowest time? Ha, oh well.

    The last time I ran a mile was HIGH SCHOOL, i.e., about 9 years ago (& the fastest I ever got was 8:10). I never ran anything more than that, so this was bound to be a PR anyway. 😛

  20. 25:14. Bombed intermediate minus basic gymnastics. Ok with HSPU, but fell on my face a few times with the frog. Not great with pistols either.

  21. intermediate gymnastics WOD part A

    row 2000m, leisurely – 9:10
    rest 3-5 min
    row 500m – ??
    kyle: start over blablabla
    row 2000m – 8:30

    1. Deadlift 5 rep – 315
      Weighted dips – 30×8, 35×8, 35×8, 35×7

  22. Warmup – Can’t kick up into a handstand. My body is convinced I’ll die and just refuses.
    run – 30:10 – way faster than last time, but I suspect traffic/red lights/running alone had a lot to do with that.

  23. 21.58

    I’m coming for you Landon!

    1. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Row 5k: 18:23 (1:50 splits), with a healthy dose of manly grunting. I smacked the shit outta that gong for this.

    1. YOU are soooo not allowed to row instead of run. It is beyond unfair.

      1. Have you ever seen a 225# goofy white man run for distance? It’s not pretty.

      2. Whoever said anything about pretty

      3. neither is a 5′ tall girl trying to row

      4. In my opinion, rowing a 5k is much harder than running one. For experienced people, it definitely takes longer (unless you run a lot and never row). At least for me, it is psychologically so much more daunting to strap in and destroy your entire body for that long of a period rather than run, which is a more natural movement that humans generally easier time “getting down with” neurologically. I’m no expert, but my intuition tells me that it’s harder to nail that rhythm you need for either exercise on the rower for this very reason – it’s not built into us nearly as deeply as running.

      5. *Row a lot and never run

        Which seems to be the case if you’re getting in the 18’s. Jeez.

      6. you should pretty much be doing what you hate the most in order to improve. rowing and running can both be hard if you train hard.

    2. Awesome row time. Agree with Elizabeth you need to suffer with the rest of us running.

    1. 1/13/13:
      21:32, pace was too slow starting out but ran solo

  25. Yeah, need some work on kicking up.

    As for the “modified” noon 5K, aka 4.2K, I was in at 20:28. I can’t really pass the buck because I knew something was up when I passed halfway in faster than 10 mins….

  26. 5K on my own- 24:20

  27. I missed the memo on the two laps and decided to run the course from my apt instead of the gym. One lap took about 22 minutes. Long story short, I need to work on my running.

  28. before we realized it was 2 laps – 14:19 for
    one lap…

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