37 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Thrusters and Pullups, but Not Fran

  1. Is there an assumption built into the scoring system that completing all 40 thrusters is impossible?

    I did a version of this a while ago: 100 thrusters for time, and on the minute do 5 C2B pullups. One of the most awful things ever!

    Get some!

    1. So, is every thruster from the ground with a squat clean to get it into the rack, or just the first one is a clean and then you do thrusters from there?

      No one is recording number of squat cleans, so I don’t understand. Not that it matters, we are going to do it either way!

      And a great thing to look forward to afterwards!

      1. From the ground, into a full clean and overhead. Reset from the ground.

  2. 4:55 (30#, BBPU)

  3. 6:54 @ 111#

    Morning class did not do pull-ups on the second minute. We also started with thrusters, contrary to the directions above.

    Also, during the fourth round, it took me about 50 seconds to do all seven C2B pull-ups. The last two rounds were just chin over bar.

    Haha, too many handicaps.

    1. You see, that’s why 0600 is just too damn early for this stuff! It’s hard enough just being awake, let alone following directions!

      1. I hope that’s not always true… part of the reason I started going to the early class is that I start a new job tomorrow that requires me to wake up at 3AM. And I have a feeling they won’t be too happy if I can’t follow directions there!

  4. 8:03 with green band p/u 45#

  5. 8:10 @ 59#

    morning handicaps; chin over bar pull-ups; and bad choice using the 15# bar… knurling was ripping up my hands

  6. 9:00, 67#, Rounds of 5 pull-ups instead of 7, mostly good C2Bs though (mostly)

  7. I am the first to admit that I am a complete nerd. That said this event looks AWESOME!!! The ‘Who’s Who’ of the Primal/Paleo world will be presenting and I am hoping to go….


    Anyone- L.A. 2011???

  8. 11:00
    95# hang squat clean thrusters (didn’t go to ground each rep due to lack of rubber plates)
    Rounds of 5 regular pullups (sometimes w/ slight jump)

  9. Sorry about the AM flub peeps. I guess this is the week of not quite clarity.

    I showed up at the noon class and was alone. after watching everyone this morning I decided to make up my crossfit total. Probably not the best idea the day after a 5k.

    Squat 243
    s press 138
    deadlift 309
    total 690

    1. I don’t know how we missed “(start with pullups)” while looking specifically for that in that short description!

      1. Because I was trying desperately to get music playing. My bust.

  10. @Home
    7 c2b 2 rounds then 5 chin pull-ups
    4 rounds @ 80# then 60#

  11. 12:56 almost Rx — first half C2B…ish, then I was lucky to just get regular chin-ups.

  12. 6:43 @ 47# (2 rds bbpu’s, 4rd rr’s)

  13. Gretchen Kittelberger October 20, 2010 — 8:50 pm

    7:54 rx

    Max Snatch:133# (+ approximately 7 billion failed attempts at 138#)

    1. I was there, and it was more like 6 billion, but still! Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades kiddo – open those hips and get under it! Way to not give up though, I totally would have stopped at 2 billion!

  14. 9:3something, 57#, kipping pus as high as i could get them at the time (aka not chest to bar, not close)

  15. 10:42, 47#, rbpu’s – not c2b

  16. Suckfest.

    8:54 RX’d

    Hit 8:00 with one (1)!! thruster left. Really awful last 7 pullups for that last little thruster…

    1. I did the same thing – grabbed the bar for #40 and the bell rang. Gahhhhhhhhh…

  17. And I made this workout in the Whiteboard, since it wasn’t posted on the gym page as a WOD….Slacker!


    1. my bad! Tomorrow’s is already up, though, so no worries.

  18. 11:48 @ 67#
    First 4 rds PUs, rest RRs

    So much worse than I was expecting.

  19. 9:53 @ 89#
    First two rounds 7 C2B, then I scaled to 5 chin pull ups.

    My kick-to-handstands were AWESOME, though.

  20. 7:06, 37# (gb pull ups)

  21. 13:00 for 31 reps Rx then called it a day. enough of getting 1-2 SCTs per round at that time

  22. 6:48 at 89#. Need to be more consistent at getting up to perfect C2B every time.

  23. 10 mins for 34? reps @ 89#. grip failure, just happy to avoid ripping my palms. lots of pulling in the warmup today too.

  24. 9 mins at 89#, total grip failure

  25. 3:53 15#DBP and ring rows

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