Thursday Workout: Keep on Truckin

Note: Friday will be a half murph, except for the 4:45PM class which will be a full murph.  There is no 6:15PM or 7PM on Friday.

Warmup: Gymnastics Warmup


5 Rounds for time of:

  • 1 Deadlift @ 311#/221#
  • 1 Power Clean @ 187#/121# (share bars if necessary)
  • 3 Muscle Ups
  • 15 Burpees

Scaling for Muscle Ups is 6 Pullups, 6 Ring Dips for Each Round. Deadlifts and power cleans should be scaled to ~90% of your max if these weights are too heavy.

Compare to 4/13.

35 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Keep on Truckin

  1. As fun as this looks, I am taking a rest day to prepare for Murph on Friday.

    Everyone should make it that day – the WOD is awesome, and it is the 7th anniversary of the death of Lt. Mike Murphy, then namesake of this WOD.

    Read ‘Lone Survivor’ to more fully understand why this is one of the original Hero workouts.

    1. Rest day for me too, hitting the half Murph on Friday. I’ll “keep on truckin” on Saturday morning though, definitely looks fun.

      1. Same thought here!

      2. Ya’all best be bringin’ your trucker hats, cuz we’s gonna have a party up in herr.

  2. 9:57, DL 248#, PC 155#, Got four muscle ups but then did the rest as jumping muscle ups.

    1. Hey Logan, check out the “Latest Video Exercises” a little down on the right side of this page:

    2. nice work!

  3. 12:21

    DL @ 310 for rd:1,2. 290 for rds: 3,4,5
    PC @ 185 for rd1, 165 for rest

    pullups and dips, no rings in sight.

    1. bar muscle ups, or would your head have been through a ceiling

      1. I would have been through the ceiling, the pullup bars are double tiered as well so even if my head didn’t go through the roof I would have knocked my head on that. To top it all off I can’t do bar muscle-ups. Rings=easy, bar=much harder

  4. 10:24

    DL: 221 #
    PC: 111#
    Jumping Muscle-ups

  5. 14:00 dl: 155, pc: 79 (blue band pus and ring dips)

  6. 13:23, dl@199#, pc@111#, rb ring dips

  7. 14:39 DL:221# PC: 89 pull-ups ring dips (4 rounds with red band)

  8. 10:14: DL 148#, PC 67#, bbpu, box dips

  9. 11:21 (DL 133#, PC 55#, GBPUs, box dips)

  10. 16:59 w/ DL @ 138#, PC 77# x 4, 67# x 1, ring rows, ring dips w/feet on box

    very scary PC rep on round 3 where my back went ) and crunch. Last round failed four times on 77 before giving in to 67.

    1. Always keep your core tight. Hope you are feeling alright.

  11. 11:21 (DL 133, PC 55, GBPUs, box dips)

  12. 12:13 DL 177# PC 67# Ring Rows, Ring Dips/feet on box –> Box Dips halfway through

    First DL was FUNKY, I think I wasn’t really set for 90% of my 1 rep max… Apologies to the form gods

  13. 11:21 (DL 133#, PC 55#, GBPUs, box dips)

    (Sorry if this is the 3rd time I’ve posted this, but for some reason the last 2 times I tried to post nothing seemed to happen.)

  14. 13:35- DL: 199#; PC #111; box dips/rr’s. my burpees are finally speeding up a little bit 🙂

    Also- Did my first strict pull-up today after the wod! then did a second one. and then came home and did 2 more!

    1. Awesome job!!

    2. that was pretty sweet!

  15. 11:42 (DL: 187, PC 77, rr’s/red band ring dips)

  16. 3 rounds in ~4:00 / Rx except 138 PC
    then back ow…the end.

  17. 17:09 DL: 143 PC 67 rr/box dips REALLY slow burpees

    Thanks Cat!!!!

  18. 12:50 rx.

  19. 11:21 DL 155, PC 82, kipping pus and red band ring dips

  20. 12:02
    DL RX
    PC @ 155
    muscle ups aren’t really RX I don’t think. not sure.

  21. 23:56, DL 177, PC 67, RR & box dips.

    Two things: 1) I’m pretty sure I can do heavier on the power cleans, but I’m not really confident with that movement; & 2) probably about 15 minutes of my time was taken up by stupid burpees. I just cannot maintain any kind of momentum with them.

  22. 9:53 Rx. That was fun.

  23. 12:20, 265# deadlifts, 133# power cleans

  24. Gretchen Kittelberger October 23, 2010 — 12:14 pm

    11:17 (DL:253#, PC: 133#)

  25. 11:06 123# DL, 67# PC, blueband PUs, box dips

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