33 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Running AMRAP

  1. 60 w/rowing, static leg lifts. still hip pain with k2e attempt before the wod 🙁
    BUT kicked to handstand x 2 without dying… halfway to conquering the fear

  2. *sigh* I pulled a neck/shoulder muscle last week. I so want to come in and do this workout. The inactivity is killing me…and no I cannot even run without irritating it 🙁

  3. 70 knees-to-elbow

  4. My workout buddy and I did it off site. 50KTE for both of us. Lots of fun!!

  5. 50 rx (plus run)

    FINALLY got the hang of stringing the K2Es together without an extra kip in the middle. But it’s still a struggle.

  6. 50 rx? K2Es best I’ve ever done them
    still can’t kick up to a handstand. but I can kick people in the face on the way up. sorry about that, dear.

  7. 70 RX.

    Jenn’s 1st On-Ramp: 8:05

    “Cool” workout shorts for Jenn: $10
    Pink Vibrams: $80
    Finally getting to coach my wife in Crossfit after nearly 2 years: priceless

    We’ll see how long this lasts……

  8. Gretchen Kittelberger October 26, 2010 — 8:14 pm

    50 (Subbed 10 wallballs w/ 14# for squats)

  9. 40KTE (admittedly poor form. . . not my strongest movement)

  10. 50 (500 m row)

  11. 70 rx
    6th run was the ugliest 400 of my life. Brutal.

  12. 40 (knees as high as I could get ’em)
    Ran each 400m without stopping/walking!!! (First running WOD where I’ve done that)

    1. Woohoo! Serious props on that because I so feel your pain…

  13. 59
    Last few KTE turned into KAHATWG (knees as high as they would go)

  14. 30 + a run.

  15. 50 KTE (more like knees to chest, but still way better than the last time I had to do them)

  16. 50 KTEs + 400m + 20 squats

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