41 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Fun Rev. 10014

  1. And a Prowler Push finisher!

    1. awesome idea haha

      1. Gretchen Kittelberger November 2, 2010 — 9:58 pm

        less than awesome idea

      2. Now don’t be hatin’! You brought that monster into your home, so be ready to reap the consequences!

  2. 22:20 (sub box jumps for wall ball)

  3. 20:35, Rx fun indeed

  4. 15:48
    10# wb, real pu’s (first time without knees in a wod!), subs for running: 2 rounds with 800m row, 2 rounds with 20 DU + 60 SU

  5. 400m runs

    11:17 Rx

    1. I did fran with airsquats and pushups RXed in 2 minutes ! 🙂

      1. Ha Ha funny. I will remember this next time.

      2. can we do that WOD?

      3. why do you think we are doing heavy thrusters?

  6. 12:15 with 400m runs, 14#

  7. 19:47 , 8#wb (still taking it easy on the shoulder)

  8. at home:
    20:00 (DB thrusters in place of wall balls) plus stairs at my place! joy!

  9. Did 2 minute double under test: 212

    WOD: 19:10 RX’d + 20# vest – running with the vest in the VFFs wasn’t the best choice, but got it done.

    1. damn dude, you even beat graham on those double-unders. sick job

  10. Yay, 4:4-…5:30 class. Right. I got off work early & everything.

    27:15 w/ 14# WB.

  11. Gretchen Kittelberger November 3, 2010 — 6:43 pm

    19:04 Rx

  12. 13:42, 400s (14#)

    blah still can’t figure out how to run 400s using POSE (er, trying to use POSE)… I just maintain my 5k pace no matter what the distance. Must. Learn. To. Run. Faster.

    1. Next time you run and I am there, I will run behind you with a paintball gun and every time you drop below your fast pace, I’ll pop one in the back of your thigh to keep you motivated!

      The Prowler will seriously make your sprinting better – you have to drive hard with short choppy steps.

      1. you just gave me the best image and I laughed out loud in the library. Awesome.

  13. 19:33

    rx’d … almost … many of my wallball shots didn’t make the tape. I used a 14# ball instead of my usual 8#, maybe shouldda used the 12.

  14. 20:34 with 14# wallball … maybe I should have gone to 20 for an Rx?

  15. 19:48 (Rowing)

  16. 24:28. Half my wallballs were 12# and half were 1o#. KPU

  17. 18:15 (10# wb, knee push-ups)

    I feel like knee push ups are too easy, but I can only do about 4 real push ups before I’m dying. :/ A truck ran beside me for the entire first half of my last 800 asking for directions to Cherry Avenue. I tried to tell them, but I don’t think they could tell what I was gasping.

  18. 20:00, 8#, knee PUs.

  19. Make up on Saturday
    24:36 (6# wb’a, knee pu’s)

  20. 22:06 (8#, knee PUs)
    Definitely didn’t get the ball to the tape for most of those. How much longer do I get to use my height as an excuse for that? 🙂

  21. 15:45 Rx on Saturday

  22. Nice job AJ!!

    16:07 rx

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