28 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Sandbag Hill Sprints

  1. PP: 121#
    Sprints: 1:05, 1:15, 1:15, 1:16, 1:15 all w/ 32# sandbag

  2. pp: 65#
    ran a few miles on my own, so far pain free… YAY

    1. Miles? Nothing like easing your way back into it. Glad no pain was felt.

    2. by “a few” I meant 2 very slow careful miles on a flat course. Ran 1 earlier this week and felt fine. 🙂

      1. Yay! That’s awesome!

  3. Good job, this morning!

  4. Noon class fail.

    1. Luckily we had someone open the gym eventually, just a little late. Hope you got to some push presses and sprints on your own! 😀

      For anyone interested in the Saturday 12 pm running class, we will likely jog to a nearby park to do some drills and a short sprint workout. We’ll be back to the gym by 1 pm. Thanks!

      1. I plan on coming to the running class. Hope you’re ready, coach. I need some serious help!

  5. 177#
    First spring at 0:52, steadily increasing to 1:05 by the fifth sprint (if I remember correctly).
    Using a 32# pound bag. Thing felt like 50+ pounds on the last 20 meters every time.

  6. Had a few forced rest days due to sweet 24hr duty on Wed.

    Decided to go with the Main Site WOD from a couple days ago:

    Snatch one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.


  7. 77# pp, 1:28,1:38,1:48,1:26,1:20 (18# vest)

  8. push press: 133#
    sprints: :48 to :54 (20# vest)

  9. push press 138#
    3 sandbag sprints @ 20# vest , 46, 48, 50 or something like that

    and Lumberjack 20
    started with oh squats @ 95#
    did 7 deadlifts @ 275, then switched to 243
    otherwise, RX
    27:40 PR, although not at 7000′

  10. Push Press 65# (probably could have gone to 70# without a problem)

    WOD 1:28 for the 1st heat… Strained somethin’ fierce in my quad and will be stretching for a few days. CrossFAIL 🙁

  11. Push Press: 50# (trying not to anger my shoulders/neck too much)
    WOD: over 2 min with the 24# bag on one shoulder, somewhere in the 1:40’s with the bag on my back

  12. 50# pp, WOD: round 1 (fail – tried a 24# sandbag and couldn’t breathe), 1:16, 1:19, 1:21, 1:09 – I could be way off on trying to remember my times though.

    It feels GREAT to be back!

  13. 89# pp

    Sprints w/24# bag: 1:08, 1:08, 1:07, 1:07, 1:05 — whoohoo negative splits! Also I figured out how to carry the bag better as time went on.

  14. PP- 121#

    Sprints – :52, 1:03, rest, rest, :58 (30# vest)

  15. PP: 133
    Sprints :44 (20lb vest) to :57 (22lb sandbag)

  16. Did the Lumberjack 20 with Alex and Kyle. one of the more horrible tribute WODs to a most terrible event. Rest in peace, because I won’t!

  17. Tried to get to the gym, but couldn’t make it in time.
    own my own:
    PP: 105#
    Almost my 1rm jerk. I think I need to work on that…

    No sprints.

  18. PP: 82#
    WOD: :55, :59, 1:01, 1:03, 1:01 with camo vest

  19. Saturday running workshop was great. Thanks, Chris!

  20. Hey guys –

    the link to the podcasts I talked about is:

    Or if you have itunes, just search for “podrunner”.

    The bpms are higher than what Chris talked about – you’ll want to time your footfalls to one per beat, instead of the same foot landing on the beat. So 180 bpm would be what we did today. Each one is an hour each, and most start with a little info about the podcast. They’re all free, but every once in awhile the podcast starts with a plea for donations 😉


  21. Make up on Saturday
    PP: 70#
    Sprints (15# vest): 1:09, 1:15, 1:14 – only did three since I also stayed for the running class

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